Online Recognition and Branding – Lessons from the Experts

The world of online marketing is a vast and growing industry.
As more and more companies, organizations, and small businesses turn to the web for their advertising and customer connection, really standing out online has become a struggle.

The key to building a successful online presence for your business or organization is focusing on branding and customer recognition. Deciding on a specific and careful brand can be tricky. Businesses need to think about their customer base and consider their overall business goal before they can truly pin down what type of brand they want to display.

Once a branding focus is decided upon, it’s all about selling and representing that brand. One of the absolute best ways that marketers can find success online is by having an easily recognizable brand.

Take notes on what these insurance companies have done to create unforgettable brands.

The Geico gecko is probably one of the most prolific icons in brand marketing today. We all recognize him and we all know what he’s about.

However, the gecko is an interesting choice for the insurance company. The gecko doesn’t really have anything to do with the company’s goals, structure, or ideals. But, Martin (the gecko) does communicate something very important about the company. It displays an air of ease and humor.

If you think about it, this can be a very useful tool for an insurance company. For a topic that typically induces stress and annoyance in most individuals (no one likes dealing with insurance issues), picking something lighthearted and fun to represent the company is an apt choice.
The mascot is immediately recognizable and people can actually attach to the mascot/brand before they do the company. It’s all about being on your customers’ minds without them really knowing it.

Nationwide insurance has taken a different approach to branding and marketing for their insurance offerings. In this case, the company’s brand is wrapped up in a very brief, very catchy, and very straightforward jingle.

For most of us, when we hear the phrase “Nationwide”, we immediately hear the jingle “Nationwide is on your side”. It’s extremely catchy and basically unforgettable. This jingle communicates a very strong and clear message about the company.

While others take a lighter more humorous approach, Nationwide Insurance tries to communicate that they are always there for you. They display a very important and direct business appeal. The magic of this jingle is that it gets stuck in your head. People hear the tune a few times and never forget it.
Then, very quickly, you just read the word “Nationwide” or see something that reminds you of the company and that tune is back in your head. Brand recognition is key.

Similar to Geico, Allstate Insurance went the mascot route for their brand marketing technique. The “mayhem guy” is a newer mascot in the mix, but is a very effective one.

The commercials use the same guy every time. He is very serious and very even toned. He dresses up as a teenage driver and represents the dangers on the roadway. It’s a funny approach and it’s a memorable one.

The interesting thing about this method is that Allstate has managed to take the dangerous and worrisome aspects of needing insurance and humanize/humorize them. The dangerous driver becomes a strange commercial character that’s just too unbelievable. This makes customers almost picture taking control of the situation even when it’s happening.
Besides all of the underlying things happening with this mascot, the “mayhem guy” is memorable. All parties can appreciate him.

Susan, a freelance blogger, researches and writes about automobile, property and health insurance. Susan welcomes comments.

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  1. Mark McGriff says:


    The “Mayhem Guy” is very recognizable and at the forefront of thought when talking to friends about insurance ad’s. The actor does a great job and highlights areas where insurance can help.

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    Great publication, congratulations.
    No doubt the marketing is currently the most usable tool for disclosure of any brand, every day that passes we are fully connected and dependent on the world wide web, or better, as we are, this is one way in which people involved, because everything revolves around around the web.

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