How Do People Decide To Make An Online Presence?

Thousands of new people make an online presence each and every day. I mean, establishing some sort of website, blog, profile or home page that others can find.

They’ve taken their first step to be part of the Net, not only by using it, but by leaving their trails behind for others to find it. Whether their footsteps are just scratching the surface or are meant to be fundamental and long-standing, at some point they took the decision to make an online presence.

Of course there are tons of people who DO make an online presence without even asking themselves what precisely it is what they are trying to establish there. Many ‘wannabees’ dive into this online business with no guidance whatsoever. They drift from one game plan, scheme or program to another and rarely stick with anything long enough to even ascertain if it’s working or not.
Hmm, maybe they should read this post too.

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And lots of other people make a deliberate choice after creating their business plan that they want to stick to. That’s great. They have a great chance to becoming successful.

We know all that, because at some point, at some forum or social profile or membership board these people share their stories.

But the problem is…

How about all those people who don’t make it to the Internet? That is, those people who considered an online presence, but decided against it. Or those who are still thinking about it.

What arguments do they have? On what data do they base their final decision? Do they have data and if so, are they using the right arguments.

Point is, we don’t know, simply because these people don’t come online to share their story with us.

I’ve tried to make some sense for those who are about to decide to make an online presence.

But I may have missed some points. Therefore I’m asking you:

Do you know how people decide whether or not to make an online presence?

Give me your opinion. Post your response below.
Let me know what I’ve missed, ok?

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