Online Marketing with Newsletters Still Holds Potential

Some marketing tactics for the web are better than others are, and some or the older methods still can work wonders when used properly.

Newsletters are a great example of this, and depending on the type of business you have they can be quite effective.

For example, if you are pitching a VPN service , consider some of the things that you could put into a monthly newsletter.
You could talk about the dangers of the web, the incursion of corrupt governments that are cracking down on Internet usage, and even equipment you can use with these services. This information is going to be valuable to your readers, and they are going to love receiving it each month.
This also means that they are going to be more likely to become your customer.

In addition, offering a newsletter through your site is a perfect way to capture email addresses of people who are already predisposed to becoming your customers.

Here are some tips that you will want to incorporate when you are using your own newsletter for online marketing.

Start With People You Know and Build Slowly

Build your newsletter recipient list slowly. You can start with people that you know and add to the list as people sign up on your site. You can also put up some information on your social networks about the newsletter and give people the option of going to your site and signing up. Perhaps you could offer them a coupon if they sign up for the newsletter. In addition, you will want to remind people on your social networks about the list, but not too often. About once a month, you can put the word out about the newsletter for all of the new followers and fans that you have.

Keep the Content High Quality

One of the problems that many people face when they are writing their newsletters is that they simply want to sell. They aren’t looking at things from the perspective of someone who receives the newsletter. They want to have good information that is usable, and they do not want you to tease information just so you can sell something. Yes, the newsletter is a selling too, but you do not have to be too overt about trying to sell. This will turn away prospective customers. The newsletter should be about building goodwill and good relationships with the readers.

Give the Readers a Voice

What do your readers want to see? You can have surveys or polls in your newsletters so that you can give your readers a chance to let you know what type of articles they might want to read. If you sell old comic books for example, you could ask the readers whether they want to read articles about the Silver Age of comics, comic creators, or any other related topic. Let them guide you, as this is going to make them more excited to read this newsletter each month.

In addition, you might want to have a short “letters” area, where the readers can write to you and you can reprint the letters in the newsletter. Consider profiling a reader or even letting a reader write a guest article.

Keep It Professional

You want to make sure that you have a professional looking newsletter, but you want to make sure that the readers have a choice of how they view it. If the newsletter goes directly into the email, make sure that you have a plain text version. You could also send a PDF version that has graphics and is a bit slicker in its appearance.

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