How To Build Great One-Way Quality Links

I frequently get questions about building one-way links and I see them posted on all kind of forums. Many people don’t know how to do that or, if they do, they often find it too time-consuming and complex.

That’s true. Building great one-way links to your website or blog IS time-consuming and boring, but there’s a great solution for that which I will show you below.

Before going into that, let’s talk about how to create high quality one-way links. Now, I’m not a specialist in link building, nor am I a search engine ranking optimizer. I just follow common rules and that’s what I talk about in this post.
If you want the juicy details of building one-way quality links, do a search on your favorite engine and tons of expert sites will come up.

Why you want one-way incoming links?
Getting other sites link to yours will improve the importance of your site for search engines and they use that in some way to rank sites. The more incoming (inbound) quality links you have, the more important your site must be (apart from exceptions).

So, if you want your site to get listed well in search engines, you should really attempt to get quality inbound links to it.

One Way Quality Links
Photo Credit: Marcin Wichary

What is a quality link?
But what is a quality inbound link? Several factors play a role here.

Like the authority (importance) of the site linking to you. The more authority the linking site has, the more valuable the link is.

The anchor text used in the link (the text part of the link) is another one. You want that to be the main keyword used on the page the link refers to, which should not always be your home page. Also, the anchor text should vary a bit every now and then.

Like anchor text, the IP addresses from the inbound links need to vary. That is, coming from different sites on different servers. Too many from one puts you at risk, so you have to spread your one-way links.

Another factor is the relevancy of the site linking to you. Any link is better than no link at all, but the best ones for this site are links from other Internet marketing sites, because they are more relevant.

How to get links to your site.
You can get lots of external links coming to your site by submitting your site and pages to all kind of directories and social networking sites.

Of course you can pay for them, but I wouldn’t recommend this since search engines, specifically Google, don’t like this artificial way of linking.

Or you could ask for links, which is what most website owners do and find time-consuming and complex.

There’s ‘link-bait’. That’s when you create content that website owners WANT to link to.

And of course you can submit articles to directories with a link to your pages at the bottom.

Or post valuable comments on blogs. Most of them allow you to include a link to your site and that’s another one-way back link. Note that most blog comments use the ‘nofollow’ attribute, meaning that no link juice is transferred in Google, but other search engines do.

Deep linking.
A common error lots of people make is to have external links link back to their home page only. Quite often using the same anchor text over and over again. That’s not good. Because you heavily rely on your internal linking structure to pass link juice and if that structure isn’t good or gets broken, you’re out of (search engine) traffic.

Instead, you should use deep links to pages buried inside your website. Obviously you chose the ones with the best content, leading visitors into your monetization process, whatever that may be.

And the very best anchor text for deep links should contain the main keyword that is used on the landing page.

Backlink Tools
There are many tools to check your inbound links and anchor texts.
Here’s one Daniel Scocco just discovered: Backlink Analyzer Tool.
If you’re using Firefox, install SearchStatus. It shows backward links along with a lot of other things.


…yes, you can get one-way quality links to your site.

Let me know what you think about it.
Post your comments below.

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39 thoughts on “How To Build Great One-Way Quality Links

  1. Link Building Tutorial says:

    That’s a really good point about deep linking. Leaving comments on DoFollow blogs is a great way to obtain deep links, especially for sites which lack ‘link bait’ content, yet many people often overlook this and simply link to their homepage.

  2. Utah Web Design says:

    Having important and relevant links is the number one goal. Along with having one way inbound links is really good, but on top of that you must have those inbound links coming from sources that are of high quality and most important – relevant.


  3. Patrick Hillenbrand says:

    I agree with the points you have cited regarding the misconceptions people have about linkbuilding. They always think there’s an easy way to things just so they’d earn a good pagerank. What’s important is networking, interacting and making relevant comments.

  4. Case Stevens says:

    >> Leaving comments on DoFollow blogs is a great way to obtain deep links

    And that’s exactly what you’re doing here, right?

  5. Link Building Tutorial says:

    Case Stevens – where possible, when a blog allows DoFollow comments, then yes I always try to find a relevant article and deep link to it. For NoFollow blogs I’ll just link to the homepage with either the site’s name or mine.

  6. Pedro Garcia says:


    Im new in blogging terminology, i’ve launched my own blog, its good to know this kind of information.


  7. email marketing benefits says:

    Unique, ground breaking, and even good content is the foundation of viral or natural link building. Another great way is article marketing which kind of is another form of generating content to produce links. The bottom line is that you should always maintain a link building plan if you are serious about SEO.

  8. Guna says:

    Great article.. As you said link baiting is the most important strategy to get viral traffic and backlinks from related sources. Also I would like to add that relevancy plays an important role in Google Algorithm.

    A link bait can be daily cartoon, survey, poll a top 10 list etc.


  9. Commodity Trading Basics says:

    I have found link building to be the most tedious and difficult part of building (and promoting) websites. Even though getting links is our “bread and butter”, sometimes I dread it b/c it seems like such a shot in the dark. I will look into the resource you listed here…thanks.


  10. Marcuss says:

    I’m currently downloading searchstatus. I am new to this blog thingy and mainly blogs as a hobby. I am really curious on how this things work and blogs like yours are of great help.

  11. Beth McDuffie says:

    Wow, this is a great article, especially for newbies like me. I didn’t know about the deep links. I am going to start adding them right away to my post.

    Thanks again for the very informative post. 🙂


  12. Olivia IT-Versicherung says:


    I’m also using Search Status; I like this tool because it highlights NoFollow links. I don’t know about deep linking though but I want to try this out, too. How about social bookmarking? can you also get links through bookmarking?


  13. Case Stevens says:

    Your site has an ‘fta’ keyword density of almost 5%, close to be eligible to penalties due to keyword spamming.

  14. HowToPreventHairLoss says:

    Great post.Especially about deep linking and link baiting.A lot of people just link to the home ag as you say.

  15. Getting one-way backlinks is very essential, and you provide great tips on how to achieve them. Additional methods include setting up a blog on eBay and linking to your site, building Squidoo lenses, and someone else mentioned social bookmarking. Although, some social bookmarking sites are “nofollow.” Something to be aware of.

    Persistence is the key.

    Alan Mater

  16. patient girl says:

    First of all I think that it takes time. No matter what you do and how fast you do it. I have learned that patience it something you have to have to be able to operate in this difficult internet world. I found your tips very useful, so thank you. Still haven’t got fully results but believe that is only becous time has to pass before it happens. keep your fingers crossed. Thanks

    Anya B.

  17. ProsNGurus says:

    Excellent post!

    I use the Backlink Analyzer tool and it is great. Backlinks are important but finding great sites or blogs could be a long task, the Analyzer tool really help find quality sites/blogs faster.


  18. Atlanta Real Estate says:

    Link baiting is what Google really wants. If you think about it, link baiting is the most natural form of linking. Nice point on deep linking. I see webmasters all too often just linking to their homepages. Many fail to see how important it is to establish PR into sub pages. And last but not least thanks for pointing out comment spamming. There is nothing worse than reading a great article and then seeing a million comments with 3 words each.

  19. Web Design Los Angeles says:

    Great insights. This is really such nice post.
    Some of things I don’t know which I have found from your blog. You have nicely described.
    Keep writing…


  20. Dimityr Dimitrov says:

    Having good content will help link building. Everybody loves to give fresh information to his readers. So if you suggest something unique and helpful the other guys will reward toy with link.

  21. Real Online Marketing says:

    You can add backlinks by submitting pdf files with links to content sharing site.


  22. Rick says:

    Because of Google, everybody knows about the importance of links… your talk of ‘deep links’ is the gold in this post. My popular pre-Google sites had plenty of deep links when google started – and have been #1 since google was in beta. PS, prior to sitemaps, they were a great help for the spiders too.

    To demonstrate some irony here’s a well ranked site with one page:

  23. Jessica - Discount Coach says:

    Great article. I found this site via google and what a great source of info.

  24. Ruri says:

    Ordinary directory is not working well now. Seems Google hates directory. however I seen Article directory still working good. I do sometimes linking from article directories.

    About social networking, I don’t know about this. Are you talking about social bookmarking or social networking?
    If social bookmarking, currently they are not do follow link. So It is no use to link from social bookmarking.

  25. The Guru Assassin says:

    Great post! I always link my home, I didn’t know about the importance of deep linking. I will try it.

    I would like to recommend you a firefox toolbar to check PR, Alexa rank, inbound links in Google, MSN and Yahoo and your keyword density. The name of the toolbar is Seoquake.

  26. Search Engine Optimization says:

    Pretty good information is provided in the article.
    I like one thing at the most is about deep linking. There are very few who work on anchor text and all. You included that and explained that well.
    Nice one

  27. Internet Marketing says:

    Thanks mate…. really great article…

    Every Link builder is trying hard for getting one way and quality links….

    Because Google gives much importance to oneway and Quality links…

  28. Gillette Wyoming Real Estate says:

    I agree 100% with the claims of linking, especially one way links. I actully just started using nextgenlinks. ( In fact, the spider is currently spidering one of my sites 🙂 ) I have seen great success with both using good keyword research and a good linking strategy. Links……it’s what is all about.


  29. Goa says:

    Content is going to remain the key for all time. Of late it has become a fad only to comment of do follow blogs alone rendering some quality blog posts isolated just because of the no follow tag

    But I guess the blog comments were being cunningly abused with … nice post… good info… wow what a post… kind of sundry comments which made google sit and start thinking to come up with this follow theory.

    While one way links are bound to be taing you skywards, content is the King and will always remain to be

  30. Dnepropetrovsk-intim says:

    Thank You…
    It’s really great. I’m about SearchStatus. It’s show PageRank, Links adn so on…

  31. Baseball says:

    Great reminder on deep linking. It’s easy to forget about that. Regarding the Firefox Browser, the addon you mention is invaluable as it also highlights “nofollow” links for you so it’s easy to tell if the links you leave might receive any actual value. But, sometimes it is better to give than to receive.

    I would also recommend the Firefox browser. There are many available addons for internet marketers.

    Dan Hansen

  32. Promo2 says:

    I have my own blog which is also has DoFollow option for all.
    I guess, it is natural way to retain visitors on my blog. They read and they make baklinks on my material becouse it’s really useful and exciting.

  33. Website design says:

    I’ve spent quite some time considering whether it’s good to have nofollow on blog comments and forum posts. I think there’s an argument to say that you should dofollow because it causes people to spend time and create content (comments / forum posts) for your site. But then you need some way of removing spammy ones, which can take time.

    There are definitely people out there with quality things to say that won’t be bothered saying it if they get nothing back, but will invest a few minutes to say it if they know they are going to get a follow link out of it.


  34. Van says:

    The link you have in there says no long valid. Curious to see the site you recommend.


  35. fag bearings says:

    I think advertorial is a good way to add links,when other people reproduce your article,it will bring you a grear amount of links.

  36. Entrepreneur Interview says:

    Best way to build links is to take their interviews and ask them for a linkback . works great for me

  37. I agree with you on the point that one way links are good, but as it has been argued for long. I have contacted many SEO experts who have stressed time and again that reciprocal links are as good while keeping in mind that they are not link-farms. What I’m talking about is a kind of a blogroll with other *related* websites, it helps a lot. Although, building one-way backlinks is hard but link-baiting can be really effective, provided that you do it the right way!

  38. Jackie says:

    Can anyone tell me how can i find the number of backlinks for a particular website?

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