Help Offline Businesses With Online Marketing

I get more and more involved lately in helping offline businesses using online marketing.
Certainly in this economic difficult period, offline businesses are more eager than ever to find other ways of generating income than just selling from their brick and mortar locations.

To show my credibility in Internet marketing, I’ve set up a local online marketing and web design website. It doesn’t get many visitors yet -it’s too new-, but I do get quite a few buyers. Wonder how did I achieve that?

Well, it all started with a thread on the Warrior forum that I spoke about in Free Products And Opportunities called A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow” and it’s FREE!

The thread had over 3000 replies and nearly 150,000 page views and was REMOVED from the forum because it got so LARGE that it was slowing down the server! A highly popular topic that put many members on the right track to make serious money using online marketing for offline businesses!

That thread, once again, proved what I wrote in How Simple Internet Marketing Can Be!

I got involved in that opportunity too, because it showed an easy and unique way to generate leads for your business. It didn’t use a website (takes too long to generate leads), it didn’t use direct mailing and it didn’t use cold calling to offline businesses.

Instead, it used workshops to show potential offline business owners the opportunities of online marketing, list building and generating money using the Internet.

And these workshops do generate a lot of money. In the first place, because you can charge people for attending these workshops.

But secondly and more important, because quite a few of the attendees come back to you to ask you to do it for them. They simply haven’t got the time to get learn the whole process and get involved in online marketing. That’s what makes these workshops Cash Cows!

I’ve started using the system and now I’m busy finding partners to handle all the work. I have to outsource most of it, because otherwise I can’t handle the workload. In return, I make a nice commission from that.

The original poster of the thread was David Preston. I followed him closely, because he had already been successful applying this method in his own business. That simple thread lead to a great opportunity to help offline businesses for me.

David has put all his knowledge in a product that I wrote about earlier in How Workshops Can Be Cash Cows. That was a preliminary version.

Cash Cow Workshops

David now has the complete product ready. I reviewed the package this weekend and you can read my comments here.

If you think the price seems a bit steep, think again. ONE, only one workshop will get you profits. It’s an awesome product, as you can see from the others who have reviewed it.
Check it out and get your copy now.

Post your comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Help Offline Businesses With Online Marketing

  1. Chicago hospital says:

    A great example of online marketing for an offline product would be Burger King. They had a huge online campaign for the Whopper and they also had a great campaign that involved Facebook. Regards!

  2. 401k rollover IRA says:

    The internet is a great way to meet that niche person who is looking for what you have. Local business owners who only sell products to people in that area miss out on this big time. They will create a website, but the only promotion they do is through the newspaper or maybe television ads, and they don’t utilize SEO.


  3. LeoH-LinkPopService says:

    The question here is actually whether it is possible to work this kind of magic for the average small business that sells in a certain geographical area.

    Burger King is an established brand and will receive free advertising from people who casually mention it to each other in online social settings.

    Good post – I’ll be checking out those links now.

    Kind Regards


  4. webber says:

    if you have a offline business a small business page will really boost your sales .. i have had some personal experiences

  5. Tim says:

    Online marketing for offline businesses is how it all began, isn’t it? I remember creating websites for air conditioning manufacturers, trucking companies and a professional football team back in the mid-nineties. Interestingly enough, today I see URLs advertised on television and in print!


  6. Considering that nowadays more people surf the web than watch TV, it makes sense to have a strong online presence even if your main business is not web based. I didn’t used to know anything about Internet Marketing, but I was lucky enough to get a job with a great boss that helped me learn all about online marketing. Great post, and good points. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Budget Web Design says:

    Really great idea. It is amazing the opportunities the internet provides both online and offline businesses. I am looking forward to your future posts and lessons.

  8. Home Business says:

    I know exactly what thread you are referring to on the WF. I read it several times while it was up. Actually I didn’t even know it had been deleted. Thanks for letting me know because I probably would have searched for it again.

    I’m glad you posted this because I have been on the fence about getting into helping offline businesses or not and I think this was the extra motivation I needed to go for it.

    ~Trent Brownrigg

  9. Andre Dias says:

    I have no doubt that internet is the future and the offline businesses need more and more the marketing online.

  10. Fleur says:

    Great post. Do you have case studies of companies you have helped with your processes? Interested to see how the small offline business can succeed – a friend is a physiotherapist. Would the concept work for her? Thanks, Fleur

  11. Greg says:

    The issue is with overcoming skeptism that online marketing doesn’t work. I know as I’ve tried and a lot of mom and pop businesses just don’t believe in the power of the net.

  12. Interesting ideas for marketing between brick-and-mortar businesses and online entities. Something like this can be a very lucrative enterprise for someone looking to expand their marketing potential. Nicely done.


  13. Pat says:

    The concept of internet marketing is now getting more receptive among offline businesses. However many of these offline business owners have the misconception that internet marketing is a low cost alternative to their offline promotions which may not necessary be true. They have to be educated and make aware of the opportunity cost involved in going online. And I think conducting such workshops definitely is a value add to them.

    – Pat

  14. Website Design says:

    Online marketing is the reality of today’s world and any business that isn’t working at marketing online, isn’t taking marketing seriously enough. Still amazing how many old line businesses still don’t get this. Nice to see more turn around.

  15. reverse says:

    Years ago I began my marketing career in direct mail, I suppose was the net of the day (not worldwide, not instant, but widespread) and we could certainly reach a lot of people. Of course this came with a price since each letter or postcard (even at bulk rates) was expensive to send. However by being expensive, it made us pay attention to detail and try (at least in spirit) to get the copy as close to perfect as possible.

    Then came the net, a tool so powerful that we can instantly communicate with someone on the other side of the planet, I do it everyday and it still amazes me.

    Of course with something so powerful also comes abuse, guess it’s part of the territory. For me, I’m combining online and offline marketing in my local area, in fact I’m keying in on that. Which is not to say I don’t get visitors from far and wide, but most are from central TX.

    Marketing is a skill that can never be mastered (at least not by me), and can also be improved upon. Keep up the good work on the blog, it’s appreciated, both for the content and the follow.


  16. SEO says:

    I am in complete d with the writer of this very informative article. With out any shadow of doubt i can safely say that Internet marketing is the way to go during this difficult period of global financial crisis. Internet Marketing is far less expensive than traditional offline marketing. So if you want to give boost to your sale during this financial crisis with less spending, then only think for online marketing.

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