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Back in February I met Michael Holland.

“Who’s that?”

Well, Michael once wrote one of the very first and one of the very best ebooks about niche marketing.
It was called ‘Striking It Niche’ and contained valuable blueprints for niches where you could earn lots of money.
It’s still on my hard drive, dated February 2004.

Many people jumped on that ebook, so Michael decided not to sell it any more to avoid saturation.
That’s what he told me back in Orlando in February and he added he was busy creating another valuable book with
blueprints for highly profitable niches.

I forgot to check it out, until someone asked me about Michael at Willie Crawford’s forum where I am a moderator.

I immediately corrected my mistake and bought a copy in two seconds.
Remember, I already was familiar with the high quality of Michael’s work!

I just finished the book and it’s great!

Again Michael provides a lot of valuable information to create websites that really make money.

The real nuggets in here are the 20 blueprints he provides.
Each blueprint exists of:

1. a root keyword
2. other profitable and closely related keywords to create web pages
3. a quick overview of potential affiliate programs
4. more ideas for making money

In total, Michael provides in these categories:

– Home and Garden (5 blueprints)
– Sports and Recreation (3)
– Food and Cooking (4)
– Beauty and Fashion (2)
– Crafts (2)

Even the famous Tony Blake who is very, very picky about what he promotes, is raving about this product.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the product.
If you want to create a successful niche site, I think you will greatly benefit from Michael’s ideas.

There’s more information here but DO NOT BUY at that page.

Because I have a subscribers special, taking 25% off of the price.

Instead, just go here and at the bottom of the page, where the price is shown, click the box and another option comes up with the lower price.

This one is only for my subscribers and I will take this option down in three days from now. I don’t want to spoil
the market, you know.

Go here to get your copy now for the reduced price!
Case Stevens

Using Michael ideas definitely allows you to create a money generating website using Adsense and affiliate programs.

Opportunities like this don’t come often, so grab your chance! Make sure to do it now, because I really am going
to delete the reduced price in a few days. This book is too valuable to sell it for such a low price.

Go download your copy now. You wouldn’t want to miss this one, do you?

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