Niche Marketing The Right Way!

Niche marketing is hot these days.
Membership sites pop up everywhere inviting you to make tons of money. All you have to do is find or buy the highest paying Adsense ads and add them to your pages filled with automatically generated content.

That’s NOT niche marketing, that’s Adsense marketing.
It’s a numbers game and it’s dangerous. I’ll explain that below.

How did this so called Niche Marketing develop?
Solid niche marketing advice already existed for some time. Very often you were advised to follow your passion or expertise and set up a site for that.

Then, RSS feed techniques lead to software programs that scrape content from directories. You have to do absolutely nothing but entering a bunch of keywords and presto ….
thousands of new content rich pages are automatically added to your niche site.

And when Joel Comm presented his Adsense Secrets – mind you, a good book with solid advice, no doubt about that- suddenly we had three variables that are responsible for the hype:

1. niche marketing,
2. content generating software and
3. high paying Adsense keywords.

Let’s have a look at each of these variables in reverse order.

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