The Revenge of the Newsletter Zombie

How to Wake Up and Start Marketing on the Internet

You’ve learned the money is in the list, eh?
OK, so you put up a page or even a pop-up that says “sign up for my FREE newsletter!”.
Then pat yourself on the back cause you used a very powerful trigger word (free).
People are going to fall all over themselves to sign up, right?

Yeah, right. NO, they don’t.

Ok, so instead say, “sign up for my FREE newsletter and get a FREE report!”

Hmmmm… still no response…

Listen, if you want to build a newsletter list, then let this sink in: NO ONE wants your free newsletter. NO ONE wants your stinkin’ free report.

People have enough newsletters and reports and ebooks cluttering their lives. They’re gathering virtual dust as it is. So don’t advertise another free newsletter or free report – instead, offer a SOLUTION and/or a BENEFIT.

Ultimately, that’s what people want when they sign up for your newsletter – a solution or benefit. So sell it to them. Sell it to them like you’re selling them a $197 product. List the benefits. Pull on their emotion. Offer a bonus that adds even more benefits, value, and solutions.

In short, pull out the salesperson in you… cause it’s true, the money IS in the list. “Selling” someone on joining your newsletter could be one of the most profitable “sales” you make today!

And if you absolutely have no idea how to do that, or if you want to drastically improve your list building skills, then consider learning this from a master list builder.

Now here’s a great tip: from the first newsletter issue you send, sell something to your reader.
Yes, provide great content and build trust and a great relationship with them. But don’t be afraid to provide a link that’s selling something right away.

You’re in business to help people and make money, right? If they get offended by your link and unsubscribe, adios to that freebie seeker. If that person thinks they can get a free newsletter that’s 100% content and no ads, they’re dreaming.

I mean think about it — you PAY for your local newspaper, magazines, and cable TV… and you STILL are subjected to ads.

So if they can’t see the value you in getting wonderful content that has a few ads wrapped around it, they don’t deserve to be your subscriber. And who needs ‘em, anyway?
They’re just eating your bandwidth while they suck you dry playing Freebie Seeking Vampire. (ok, a little over the top there, but you know what I mean!)

The point is: get rid of tire-kickers. As Soon As Possible!
Create a newsletter with subscribers you really want to work with. It will drastically increase the effectiveness of your newsletter!

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3 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Newsletter Zombie

  1. Alex says:

    Nice wake up call Case!

    Thanks for bringing me back to the basics 🙂 And am guilty as charged as I offer exactly what you just bashed on my blog and will be going right to it.

    Great post.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Alex,
    I recognize the feeling.
    Sometimes we’re missing what’s right under our nose and used to be so obvious …

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