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There’s a new webtraffic tool that I’ve been using for several weeks now. The results are encouraging, so I thought I’d better mention it here.

The tool I’m talking about is available at HitTail and it shows you, real-time, the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the ‘Long Tail‘ of your natural search results.

This long tail is a statistical concept, saying that the total of statistically low result entities could exceed the total of high result entities.

Translated to search engine results this means that the total of impopular keywords used to find your site could exceed the total of popular ones.

And translated to traffic, it means that the total website traffic you get for impopular keywords could exceed all the traffic you get from popular ones.

It’s these impopular keyphrases that the HitTail algorithm is trying to find for you and they present you suggestions for these long tail search engine results. You can use them to naturally generate more website traffic.

The HitTail service is free to use the Beta version.
I already found some interesting suggestions to generate more web traffic by promoting certain keyphrases, so this may work out very well.

HitTail also provides other results, such as the phrases that were used to find your site. This may seem a bit complicated at first, because that’s extra information. The essence of their service lies in their suggestions.

Because only 10 results are shown per page it’s a bit ennoying to delete this information in order to view the newest entries. You don’t want to wait for a few weeks to do this.
The upside is that you can download their suggestions in CSV format, so it’s easy to save them on your desktop and work from there.

I suggest you check them out and give it a try. After all, free traffic to your site is always welcome, isn’t it?
Sign up here: HitTail

Wishing you success,
Case Stevens

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