New site earns $5,000 in 3 months!

$5,000 in 3 months is what one of Lynn Terry’s subscribers has earned using auction ads on a brand new site with only two pages. He published his results in an Auction Ads Case Study

I read about the case study (started in June and ended in August) and thought it was very interesting. Because the test shows that, while Adsense is pulling less than $100 a month, auction ads are pulling in thousands a month (1,000 in the second, 3,000+ in the third!).

For me that was interesting enough to also buy part 2 with more details. Only 11 pages, but containing some great information about ad placements (which I found very strange, but hey, it seems to work), ad formats, pulling specific affiliate URL’s to specific pages and some twists on showing auction ads.

All in all it’s not exactly sensational, but very well worth the price of only $5.00 since Michael Brown, the author, has tested this (remember, only using a new website and only 2 pages). Implementing his tips will get you your investment back in no time and you’ll have a good chance of making some serious monthly income.

Click here to read all about Auction Ads Case Study

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