New Rapid Action Profits Features

A couple of months ago,Rapid Action Profits Fountain
I wrote a review of Rapid Action Profits (RAP) (opens in a new window).

RAP is the e-commerce script that easily outperforms the so called ‘7dollar’ script, because it delivers so much more for the marketing of your products. Actually, RAP is a fountain of benefits. Read the review.

The owner, my good friend Sid Hale, has added some nice extra features that will add value to your marketing campaigns.

Here’s a very brief recap of the changes in this release, but you’ll really have to look at the Upgrade Guide to appreciate how really neat some of these are:

  • Ability to broadcast mail to “front-end” customers and OTO customers separately
  • Separate reporting of front-end sales and OTO sales
  • Support for “auto” opt-in feature for ALMPST ANY auto-responder script (whether self-hosted or a 3rd party service)
  • Transfer to Paypal breaks frames to avoid potential Paypal problems if your affiliates use frame cloaking techniques
  • Optional 2-tier affiliate payments (such a simple statement for such a powerful feature)
  • Header and Footer templates now totally optional (no empty files required)
  • Ability to edit various “system” emails (i.e. the automatic email containing the download link).
  • “Add New Product” will automatically add default system emails for the fraud email, the download email, and the TAF email
  • “Add New Product” will automatically “Add New Salesletter” as the default salespage.html
  • Optional Discount Coupon code that would automatically discount the price for any visitor with the code.
  • New Statistical report “Sales by Referrer”

Click this link to get your own copy of Rapid Action Profits now!

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3 thoughts on “New Rapid Action Profits Features

  1. Case Stevens says:

    @Barbara Unfortunately there’s no discount coupon available anymore. Sorry.
    But it’s still worth the money as this script is so powerful you don’t need anything else.

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