Internet Marketers: Do You Know What You Need To Know?

Only very experienced internet marketers know the most important things to become successful online. Other, intermediate or wannabee marketers, don’t know or even have no clue as to what they need to know.

So, although I absolutely don’t want to underestimate your marketing capacities, chances are that you just NEED “Need to Know”.

And that’s what I’m going to sell to you!

Yes, I have to sell it to you, for two reasons.

The first one is, because, at this very moment…
…you may not WANT it… yet.

I know you NEED it, but right now you don’t realize you really WANT this.
Hence, I have to sell it to you.

Let’s, as an exception -this IS an exceptional product- do that backwards.
So let me start with a strong guarantee:

I will personally guarantee you that you will not only like this, but you will also learn more from it than anything else.

If not, you won’t get your money back, but here’s my guarantee: it just takes one click to get rid of it.


(I’ll bet you won’t do that. Too valuable!)

So, how about the price?

Well, that makes it a bit crazy. You see, actually there shouldn’t be a need to SELL this product. Know why?

Because it’s FREE!

All it ‘costs’ you, is an email address (hence my guarantee above, just 1 click to get rid of this product)!

Despite the fact, that this product is completely free, the other reason I have to sell this to you is, that…

once you discover the sheer value of this information
…you won’t believe it’s FREE!.

It just looks like one of these ‘too good to be true’ offers.

With the exception that this ‘Need to Know’ offer IS true. Free, highest value!

Implementing the information in this product will allow you to become highly successful on the Net. Doesn’t matter in what niche or what model you use. It WILL happen. Just apply what’s in there and you’ll see.

Yes, you really want this, believe me.

So, what do you get with ‘Need to Know’?

TWO things:

  1. Need to Know manual. There is a table of content listed on the product page, so no need to repeat that here.
  2. A subscription to one of the most valuable newsletters (if not the most valuable one, but government rules don’t allow me to say that) available on the Net.

And that’s all you really need (to know!).

If online marketing hasn’t worked out for you yet, if you’re still looking for that one secret to become successful online, or if you want to make it big, download this product and subscribe to the newsletter.

Believe me, you’ll definitely want this product!
It’s one of the best available right now.

The reason this is one of the best, if not ‘the best’ newsletters online is the no-hype, in-depth, crystal clear explanation of the processes that selling anything on the Net exists of.
As the author, Paul Myers says: “It’s all about clarity.”

This newsletter is in its twelfth year of existence now. You don’t publish a newsletter that long if it wouldn’t contain valuable information.

For example, in the latest newsletter issue -if you’re not subscribed yet, you’ve missed that one- explained “Why Johnny Can’t Sell”. Another splendid, 40+ page guide on why you’re not selling and how to change that.
It’s just an example of the high value that comes with this newsletter subscription.

And if you think that doesn’t apply to you because you’re doing all right, then closely examine this headline from that guide:

“If You’re Doing Okay, You’re Not Selling Well”

Honestly, you WANT this!

Here’s another argument.
Reading the best self improvement pages on the Net, we’ll nod our heads if we read something like “All it takes to accomplish something is a little willpower”, right?
Not according to Myers.
“Willpower is the least efficient, and most difficult, tool you can use to accomplish anything. It is very rarely more than a waste of time.”
It takes a power, but a different one. If you only read through the very first chapter, Becoming Unstoppable, you’ll know more about yourself and your self improvement options than you can learn anywhere online.

Do you fear selling? No problem, Myers takes care of that too. As a former sales instructor and mentor, he knows better than anyone else how to handle fears and how to overcome objections.

Yes, you definitely WANT this!

There are many more examples, but it’s decision time.
Find out yourself about the high quality and the value this newsletter delivers.
Get your copy now.
It’s free!

Let me close this post with my headline:

Either Learn What You NEED to Know
Or You’re Nuts!

Yes, I realize, more than you can imagine, I’m biased. Cause I’m a great fan of this newsletter.
But YES, you’re absolutely nuts if you don’t take this offer.

(Climbing of the soap box to watch your comments.
Tell me how much you enjoyed Need to Know!)

Just got an email from Paul Myers, and he allows me to distribute his outstanding “Why Johnny Can’t Sell” report, mentioned above.

To get your copy, just do this:
1. Sign up for Need to Know and the newsletter and then

2. download “Why Johnny Can’t Sell“.

Let me know if you agree about the quality!

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17 thoughts on “Internet Marketers: Do You Know What You Need To Know?

  1. NYK007 says:

    Hi guys,
    I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because its not about the individual but it can be with everyone. Thanks

  2. Internet marketing says:

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  3. Long Island Data Recovery says:

    If Youre Doing Okay, Youre Not Selling Well

    Sums it up perfectly. These days All I do is get phone calls from overseas the spam capitals of the world. We are doing great things on our own. Like becoming Long Islands Largest Data Recovery Company Why would we need them to put my websites in link farms. Greta insite. Keep it coming.

    -Anthony Cimaglia

  4. Background Check says:

    Thank you for another great article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of presentation.

  5. Wilson Pon says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, as I’m sure I will be more understand about the internet selling method, once I’ve read the copy!

  6. Gino says:

    Thank you for this Article. This will be an eyeopener.

    Let me share with you also what Aaron Wall wrote on his blog:

  7. I’m new to internet marketer as I think it’s difficult to sell products online as we have to build up our population and well known in the net. Else people won’t trust us and buy a product from us.
    Agree? 🙂


  8. Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 says:

    thank you for sharing an idea through this post is very helpful to me I am a new blogger that’s why I am searching some tips and post that can give me some knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and I Appreciate this one.

  9. Rob says:

    Good article. I love the line “If you’re doing okay you’re not selling.”

    There is so much to learn out there it’s sometimes overwhelming.

  10. Variable Annuity says:

    Thanks alot for such an amazing resource.
    I will go through the content now. I always gain the best tips and guidance from your blog.
    Thanks again,

  11. Simon Cave says:

    I find it amazing how few Internet Marketers actually read anything thoroughly much less follow through on the information they often spend allot of money for.

    Great Post
    Simon Cave
    How to start an online business

  12. Curveball says:

    That was an article that hits home to many internet wannabees. Very well put together. There is so much to internet marketing that many don’t understand and the minute you think you do, like you said, you really don’t. Keep up the great content.

  13. Real Video says:

    Very interesting article indeed. I really believe starting in Internet Marketing nowadays is very difficult. Granted, the first one or two informational products will be good (as it is all new), but there really are a ridiculously large amount of products that are near duplicates of one another. In addition, the idea of “perceived value” is really starting to get abused I think. More and more people are offering packages like 10 ebooks, 10 CDs and 10 DVDs, but come to find out, a lot of it is similar or even identical material. This really makes it difficult for the people who are truly wanting to help others and not just make a quick buck.

  14. Rose@Go Parts says:

    I started doing business on the Internet about 3 years ago. And I was struck with your famous line: “If you’re doing okay, you’re not selling.” Since I know I am selling (I would not stick around for 3 years if I were not!), does this mean I’m not doing okay? Of course, I don’t expect anyone to reply. I’d like to thank you for giving such an informative article. It is very well written. 🙂

  15. cPanel Hosting / Reseller Hosting says:

    I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. To keep learning about internet marketing is really important for internet marketers to stay in business.

    Keep it up with good work.

    Best Regards,

  16. Web Design Florida says:

    In Internet Marketing there is always something that everyone “Need to Know”. No1 knows everything, as everyday there is something new to learn.

    Still, I appreciate the post. Thanks

  17. alphainventions says:

    Yes it is hard to make sales online for right now, but when more mobile devices start connecting to the internet, then sales will pick up. Be creative, and not competitive. Very detailed article. Thanks.

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