How To Get More Free Traffic

Here’s a quick question:

If you had ALL your webpages listed in Google,
wouldn’t that generate more traffic?

You see, when your site gets indexed in Google, they send their spiders out every now and then to search for more pages, to see which ones were updated and if you’ve added new ones.
But that doesn’t happen over night. Instead, it takes a long, long time to have all of your pages listed, if ever!

There’s a method however to have them all listed in the biggest search engine. That is called deep indexing and you can use a free service to accomplish that.

I’ve used it for some time now and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Also I’ve added a tool to make it as easy as possible for you.

More information is in my latest newsletter issue that I just uploaded and if you really want all of your pages listed in Google, I suggest you read it right away.

You can find it here:

Google Sitemaps

Read it now, it’s a great resource!

Case Stevens

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