3 Easy Ways To Get More Blog Readers Without Spending Money

Many bloggers ask me how to get more readers for their blogs.

While I was thinking about writing a post about the topic, Debbie Dragon hit me with a guest post request, sending a contribution about getting more blog readers.
That’s what you’ll find below. I’ll let Debbie do the talking.

– – –

It’s far easier to set up a blog and write for it than it is to find readers for that blog.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs who’s only reader is the blog writer – and that’s because most people who set up their blog have very little knowledge about search engine optimization strategies and other methods of finding blog readers.

For beginners or blogs which are not intended to make money – hiring an SEO company can be too expensive. Luckily, there are several methods of increasing your blog traffic that won’t cost you anything more than your time.


Update Your Blog Regularly
A key element to getting your blog indexed by the search engines (and otherwise increase your chances of people searching the internet stumbling across your site in their online journeys) is to provide new content for your blog on a regular basis.

Blogs are typically quicker to get indexed than a traditional website, because the search engines see a blog as providing regularly updated, fresh content.
Post at least twice a week to keep your site updated.


Participate in Blog Carnivals
Part of boosting your internet presence is to receive incoming links to your blog.
Links allow people to click on them and come to your site; and they also play a role in how a search engine determines where to put your site in the search listings when people are searching keywords related to your blog topic.

One method of increasing your blog’s incoming links is to participate in blog carnivals.
Carnivals are similar to an index or table of contents in a magazine or book in that they are a listing of blog articles all on a particular theme containing a link to the full text of each article on the blogger’s own website.
For every blog carnival you participate and get included in, you receive a link to your site.

More Blog ReadersWhen people reading the carnival post like the topic of your article, they’ll click the link to read it (therefore giving you a new blog reader); and if you participate on a weekly basis you’ll start to see your blog readership increase due to these new incoming links.


Make Use of Article Directories
Another way to increase incoming links to your site and gain new readers to your blog is to write content that can be published on article directories.

There are thousands of article directories online that allow writers to submit articles on any topic and include an author’s resource box, or byline, which includes a link back to your site.

Each time you publish an article on a directory, you get a new incoming link to your site – and since article directories exist to provide reprintable content for website owners, each time your articles are reprinted on another site you receive another incoming link to your blog.

The most effective way to use article directories is to write articles on topics similar to what you write about on your blog. That way, when people are browsing content to reprint, only sites that are on similar topics as your own will find your articles and want to reprint them.

You get your link on sites with related content (great for SEO) and also increases the chances that readers of the site reprinting your content will click on your link to learn more about you and what you write about.

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Debbie Dragon is a freelance writer providing articles for Trace Media – an SEO New York company specializing in getting websites up, and making sure they perform to their full potential through the use of search engine optimization services.

There you have Debbie’s advice.
What methods do you use to get more blog readers?
Post your comments below.

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14 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways To Get More Blog Readers Without Spending Money

  1. Andrew @ webuildyourblog.com says:

    There are many arguments around the benefits of blog carnivals but…

    A couple of years ago I was mentored by a ‘world famous’ internet guru and one day he asked me if I submitted any of my articles to blog carnivals.

    I’d never heard of them!

    But he told me to start using them. So I did and for the past two years I’ve submitted one of my blog posts to a number of carnivals every single week.

    And some provide excellent link backs as well as traffic.

    So, I agree…use blog carnivals and now you can buy software that will automatically submit your blog posts to numerous carnivals in minutes.


    • Case Stevens says:

      Great to hear you were successful using carnivals Andrew.
      I don’t have any experience using software to submit posts. Have you used it?

      • Andrew @ webuildyourblog.com says:


        I’ve been using this software every week for the past 9 months or so. Literally takes a few minutes to set up and you can send your posts to numerous carnivals in minutes.

        Most of my clients also use it.

        Sorry it is an affiliate link, but you can no longer buy the software direct (for some reason the owners took it off the market and now you have buy via resellers!).



  2. Craig,

    re: Blog carnivals.

    It really depends upon your niche. You have to look through the list and see which ones in your niche are regularly being updated.

    You can look here:


  3. Mike@Step Stool Depot says:

    Articles really do start your blog off right. Some of the article sites are high ranking too. You can do mass article submissions after your site matures some. Scrapers are people who take articles and re-post them. I get the best traffic from Ezine and the most re-posts from Articlebase.

    I haven’t noticed much from blog carnivals but only been doing them less than a month. Start at blogcarnival.com

    Blog commenting is a good way to get links too and it’s fun to read other people’s posts.

    I hear video submission sites are great for links and are some of the top PR sites. Haven’t tried it though.

  4. Monica says:

    I just wanted to say, thank you so much for your blog! My present blog is not set up for making money, and thats okay – that isnt what I started it for. However, I love reading all your thoughts and ideas. I am thinking about another for money site in the future and youve given me tons of food for thought. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much this information is appreciated.

  5. Mike Rodgers says:

    I have read so many articles about getting more readers, this article seems quite interesting. I will give it a try. Nice article by the way. Thanks.

    Heathrow Air Ambulance

    -Mike R.

  6. Case Stevens says:

    See Andrew’s reply above.

  7. Ozgur says:

    As we kno;
    One of the most important thing for internet marketers is targeted traffic. And if you can do this without spending money, this is a great success.

    Thanks for the great suggestions.

  8. Rob says:

    Great suggestions! I’ll try out the blog carnival idea for our remote work blog on http://www.yoga.info/ for sure! I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

  9. Josh says:

    Syndicating your content around the web (such as through article marketing as mentioned in this post) is definitely a great way to leverage other properties and gain new interested visitors as well as readers. In most cases you are able to get a link back to your site which means you not only get a long term SEO advantage but you also get to leverage the site for pre-qualified traffic.

    With that said, it’s important present yourself in an intelligent manner and to actually give the visitor what they want. After all, you’re trying to get the visitor to not only read the immediate article you’re serving on someone else’s site but also whatever you’re offering on your site.

  10. satrap says:

    i agree with both of your methods, specially submiting articles. another great way that has worked for me personaly is using the power of social bookmarking sites. the benefit is that people who click on your link are most likley people who are looking for such information that you provide, so it becomes a very good way of getting targeted traffic which may lead to loyal readers. great post.

  11. satrap says:

    i hope i am not comming across as a spammer, but i have a post on the same topic that i think will be helpful to some. here it is, 61 free ways to get traffic

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