Minisite Graphics And A Not So Unrelated Story

There’s a lot of demand for minisite graphics these days. If you watch popular forums, like the Warrior and DigitalPoint forums, you’ll discover that topics about graphics and minisites are well visited and lots of people buy great offers.

I think that popularity is a result of the increasing demand for Private Label right products. After all, you can by PLR content all over the place, but you still have to design a website for it. Minisite graphics are great tools to achieve just that, since they’re ready to go and simple to use.

Also, most Internet marketers avoid having to deal with graphics, whether it’s promotional banners, ebook covers or website layouts, since it requires specific skills to create them. A real marketer stays with his job, marketing, and doesn’t have time to fiddle around with complex software and to read the bulky tutorials.

When it comes to creating graphics for their authority sites, they will always find a professional graphic designer to do the job.
But when it’s about monetizing niches using their PLR content, minisite graphics are high in demand.

MiniSite Graphics Header example

Minisite graphics have another huge advantage. You can easily customize them by changing the text inside. Thus you can profit from great professional designs and customize the text inside the graphics to suit your own needs. That’s a really simple and fast job when you use free graphic software like Gimp.

Or you are able to even build a completely fresh design based on minisite graphics! Thus they serve as a source of inspiration and ideas for a entirely new design. Wich isn’t possible from a blank canvas, right?

So, using minisite graphics, you are really saving a lot of valuable time that you can otherwise spend on more crucial matters like marketing and developing new products. When you buy minisite graphics, all you only need to do is edit a thing or two to apply an identity of your own wich creates more time and flexibility to work on other stuff.

In addition to that, it would be ideal to use some sort of search engine optimized website template, that allows you to quickly use the minisite graphics and create a successful website.
Real good website templates are rare, so if you can get one, don’t miss the opportunity. It will save you tons of time, again.

Ok, now let’s talk about this not so unrelated story.

I’m a member of a very special group – The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

In this supportive community, we share experience and knowledge, network with other marketers and business owners, and have fun.

We also take care of our fellow members.

That’s why, when we heard about Lynn Stivers and her fight to save her home, the members rallied around in support – and came up with a mind-blowing deal about …

Minisite Graphics.

I’ll let Lynn tell her story, but you really should check out the graphics that she offers. I didn’t hesitate for a moment and bought them. They’re great.


I contributed my ACE Website template (don’t buy there before checking out Lynn’s story below) for easy and fast web design. You can get it for free with Lynn’s package!

Willie Crawford, owner of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, contributed an interesting package too, as did our members Joanne Mason and Justin Brooke. Completely free!

Read Lynn’s story and check out her outstanding offer.
Make sure you get your copy. Will save you tons of time.

After buying them, let me know what you think about these minisite graphics.
Post your comments below.

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