Micro niche finder course review: find buyers that pay you

I just finished reading a micro niche finder course, a brand new way to identify profitable unsaturated niches.

The new thing about this method of finding micro niches is, that it doesn’t depend on competition evaluation, page ranks or backlinks. Instead, this strategy fully depends on relevant content only. That’s exactly what search engines need.

This micro niche finder course is about
– how to find the winning niche that will give you consistent income,
– figuring out what your niche offer should be (selling your own product, advertising and affiliate offers) and
– how you are going to sell your offer to the micro niche found (free, paid traffic and your delivery funnel).

This combination is what makes this method so powerful. Because doing this kind of research enables you UPFRONT to tell whether a micro niche will be profitable or not.

To focus on a single keyword, as we are used to now, rather than the market, is a big mistake. That’s why this micro niche finder focuses on a market and the relevance of the keywords you have to select in order to fully cover that market and to fully satisfy the search engines.

These steps are called Principles or Frameworks which you’ll learn in the first part of the course.

micro niche finder course

The second part is about the mechanics. This micro niche finder course shows you how to do your keyword evaluation, which involves keyword research and positioning for maximum results. And it teaches you keyword structure, which is how to build your website so you can get high rankings on Google for the keywords you are targeting instantly.

It uses the Google Keyword tool and a lot of other famous and lesser known resources, but it doesn’t do hardly any competition analysis. And it doesn’t use research of PageRanks or number of competing backlinks at all. So, no need for software like Market Samurai or Traffic Travis.

Lastly you’ll learn how to apply all these principles and mechanics in your online business, whether you already have a website or not.

I honestly believe this is an outstanding course. The framework is well thought-out, the material covers everything you’ll need and, most important of all, it closely connects to the search engines principles.
You can apply everything immediately in your online business, even in an existing one.

On top of this, the product owner will start webinars soon to show how he’s doing all this.
Unfortunately you have to be fast, because I’ve seen an announcement that this offer will close soon.

My advice is to get in there right now. You can use what you’ll learn to set up a seo business quite easily, as this niche selection method is new and not know to the public.

Conclusion: an excellent and outstanding micro niche finder course!
Check it out right now and let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.

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One thought on “Micro niche finder course review: find buyers that pay you

  1. Kiddo says:

    I think is a good suggestion as it might clarify some common beginners mistakes.
    Even I, moving from SEO for big brands to microniche website I wasted some resources (time, money, creativity…you name it!) as I didn’t go “micro” enough.
    So, if the course is well done, it’s well worth.

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