Membership Sites Mean Recurring Income

I’m very busy setting up a membership site.
If you’re going to promote anything, then why not membership sites, because…

membership sites generate recurring income!

And just because of that recurring income, membership sites allow you to survive bad times, like the economic recession we experience today and the yearly seasonal low sales in summer and begin January. After all, members are committed to pay and they will happily do so as long as you deliver more value than you charge in fees.

To set up a great membership website, you’ll need to go through these ‘4 Pillars’:

1. Preparation
In the “preparation” stage you will make important decisions regarding your site: market selection, choosing a theme or topic, determining a delivery schedule.

2. Presentation.
In this stage you will structure the visual appearance of your sales process: domain registration, web site hosting, salesletter, providing access to your autoresponder, setting up a download page.

3. Production.
In here you will create your first article lesson to load to your autoresponder, and you will brainstorm ideas for future articles to send to members.

4. Promotion.
In the “promotion” stage you will begin getting the word out about your new membership site and attracting your initial subscribers, as well as developing an ongoing marketing presence to continually funnel in new subscribers.

Membership SitesThis membership website that I’m building right now is not like traditional membership sites. Instead, it will be a “Fixed-Term Membership”.

I’ve learned that from a well know membership sites expert: Jimmy Brown.
You see, about a year ago I signed up for one of his newest membership sites, a fixed term one called Membernaire.

I’m almost finished with the course and I like it a lot. So much, that I want to endorse it to you (and receive a recurring commission from Jimmy doing so).

Why did I sign up for Membernaire?

Because Jimmy D. Brown really IS an expert when it comes to membership sites. I’ve been a member of Nicheology (initially called Profit Vault) from day one (and still am). That site was established and run by Jimmy.
So he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

So, better than I, Jimmy can give you 5 reasons why traditional membership sites really are a bad idea. (Did you notice the disclaimer above? 🙂 )

At that page, Jimmy says that you can take orders 48 hours after starting membership sites. Personally, I think that’s too short a period, because you definitely have to prepare more than 1 article upfront. You certainly got to have a complete overview.

But it can be done very fast. Within a week is very well possible. Jimmy shows you how to do that and leads you through the 4 Pillars fast, very fast.
Membernaire is a great course that I can recommend to anyone who wants to generate a recurring income too using membership sites.

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6 thoughts on “Membership Sites Mean Recurring Income

  1. weddingphotoshot says:

    Recurring or forward order book revenue is the key to any business success. We at provide a replacement service for couples who might have considered using disposable cameras at their wedding. So we hire cameras and we provide a means of guest sharing photos.

    We looked hard at how we could develop an ongoing revenue stream that also delivered something of real value to our customers and are in the process of launching lifelong galleries.

    Subscription and membership has to add great value.

    I love you sight and just thought I would add my thoughts.


  2. Sarah Lam says:

    Membership sites are gaining popularity so fast that by the time the internet is flooded with membership sites, it would be difficult to earn a recurring income. Someone over somewhere would be an expert in some industries.

    • Case Stevens says:

      If you’re good at a certain topic or love the issue, then there are more people that can learn from you than there are people who can teach you something. Think about it.
      Where do you live? How many people living there know more about internet marketing than you do?

  3. football shirt wiz says:

    Totally disagree Sarah lam, albeit respectfully 🙂

    I don’t think people actually realize how big the internet is. It is billions upon billions of webpages and sites we have never heard of or knew existed.

    People in any industry, if they are passionate about it, will gladly pay if you have something to offer they want.

    So coffee lovers would sign up for you to send them special exotic coffee offers, digital info product fans will want to pay for and download the latest e-book and if a membership site offers the subscribers something of value – they will pay for it.

    It could be as simple as streamlining a process, saving them time/money, exceeding their perceived value barometer for a few bucks…

    it still works which is why I would bet these sort of sites are actually increasing.

  4. alcohol tester says:

    I follow David Frey a lot (have for 5+ years) who has talked about how continuity programs really upped his revenue.

    It’s the basic (and no brainer) business formula — better to sell to and existing base then new customers. Continuity takes it one step further and collects the money by default, until / if they leave.

    (Also really puts the pressure on to provide constant value!)

    Certainly a smart business move; good luck with it!


  5. Autopilot Niche Campaigns - Alex says:

    I do not agree that someday we`ll have too many membership sites out there. Are there too many blogs, or websites online, now? Well yes there are many, but every one finds its auditory, and you just can`t deny it.

    Every website, every blog, just like every membership site, get their own visitors and customers. There will always be room for new ones 😉

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