Why Membership Sites Are Popular

Today I’ll publish a guest post from Joanne Mason. Joanne is a colleague at TIMIC and she provides great information that other members use and apply.

Joanne Mason is the creator of several membership sites including http://www.IM4Beginners.com where she teaches new Internet marketers how to create a recurring income with their own paid membership sites.

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As you can see, Joanne definitely knows what’s she’s talking about, so enjoy this article and check out her website.

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Membership Site Madness – 5 Reasons Why Membership Sites are Wildly Popular

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Membership sites have become wildly popular online over the past few months. Not because they’re a new trend; membership sites have always been a successful online business model. However, it seems that lately membership sites have become more popular than ever.

If you’re thinking about creating your own subscription based membership site then you’ve probably noticed this recent surge in popularity. Right now is a great time to start a paid membership site. In this article, I’ll share with you five key reasons why membership sites have become such a hot trend.

  1. Membership sites cater to a niche audience – Online communities and paid membership sites are a niche marketer’s dream come true.
    It’s easy to create a successful membership site when you start with a well defined idea and focus on serving a particular niche. People will want to join your site whether it’s free or paid so that they can have access to the information that meets their needs.
  2. Membership sites create communities – Another reason why subscription membership sites are so popular is because people want to be part of a group where they can find others who share their interests.
    Regardless of what the subject may be people naturally want to communicate with likeminded people who share the same hobbies, goals, problems, and concerns. Joining a membership site gives people a sense of belonging and community that they may not find elsewhere.
  3. Membership sites provide exclusive information – If you are considering starting your own membership site then you should always bear in mind that one of the greatest incentives for a customer to join your site is because you offer exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else.
    Even if you are in a niche where there are already many other memberships available it’s not difficult to stand out from the crowd just by offering something unique that your potential customers will not receive from your competitors.
    That may be in the form of your personal coaching, insider information, unique products or special services. You can start with private label rights products and quickly repurpose them into your own product that serves your audience. Simply offer something of value that meets the needs of your membership and you’ll stand heads and shoulders above your competition.
  4. Membership sites create recurring income – As an online business owner your goal is probably to escape a job where you traded hours for dollars. That means you should be striving to create recurring income. Then the amount of effort that you put into your business this month will continue to make money in the future without you having to reproduce the same amount of work.
    Instead of starting from scratch on the first of the month you simply continue to grow your membership site and your recurring income. A good place to learn how to build a recurring income with a membership site is www.IM4Beginners.com.
  5. Membership sites position you as an expert – Yet another benefit of owning a membership site is that it positions you as an expert in your field.
    When you create a membership site based on a subject that you are passionate about you can share your expertise and attract a strong following that will begin to know, like and trust you as a leader in your industry or niche.
    That trust pays off in many ways including allow you to build a loyal community of long time subscribers who continue to pay you every month, recommend you to others, provide valuable testimonials, become joint venture partners and even purchase additional products from you.

These are just five of the many reasons why membership sites are so popular. If you already own a paid subscription site or are a long standing member of one of these online communities then you probably have many other reasons that you could add to this list. In either case, both owners and members agree that membership sites are a win-win opportunity.


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9 thoughts on “Why Membership Sites Are Popular

  1. Flipping Blogs for Profit says:

    I think membership sites are great. The best part about them in my opinion is the recurring income.

    The worst part about them is that you must continue to put a lot of work into them each month as opposed to writing an ebook or something like that.

    I had a fairly successful membership site that I was a 50/50 partner on but my partner technically had control of it and he stopped doing his part, so it died a slow death. It was a shame!

    So, let that be a lesson to anyone wanting to start a membership site. Make sure you have control of it.

  2. Brandon Walker says:

    Membership sites are very powerful in my opinion. Not only do they create a community filled of like minded people, they also create recurring people coming back to visit your site.

    Brandon Walker

  3. Deric says:

    Whatever written by you, is 100% true. But everybody can’t start its own membership sites. Lots of niche membership sites are marshrooming everyday. But only a few can survive, because only a few can be expert in particular niche and among those experts a few can communicate well with readers. Early birds can get maximum benefits in any particular niche. It is better to create your own niche and then market it.

  4. Joe says:

    I think the hard part is getting a critical mass of content and members to get it going and make it attractive. I guess that’s why all these product launches are so popular, it gets a lot of people in at the same time.

  5. Marketing Ideas says:

    The hard part with membership sites is getting them started as a lot of their value is derived from the community (and at the start there is no community).

    I’ve heard very good things about http://teachingsells.com – a membership site which shows you have to create successful membership sites. It’s currently closed for new members but I’d be interested to hear from anyone who is or was a member and whether they’d recommend it?

    • Case Stevens says:

      I haven’t tried teachingsells.com, so I can’t give my honest review, but I know this: with Brian Clark, the owner, you can’t go wrong!

  6. Marketing Ideas says:

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking… similar to the SEO Book training program in that it’s run by Aaron Wall so is almost guaranteed to be excellent.

    The only problem is finding enough time to actively participate in and get the benefits from all these training programs!

  7. goacom says:

    Membership sites surely offer the member a certain value that he sees in the membership. However with so many thousands of sites I feel that new players in this segment are bound to have a tough time. And patience with new players is a rarity. So I guess it does not stick for too long. But if there is a good coaching and egging system it would surely work in the long run

  8. Great post. This blog link may be a useful follow-up to your readers. FIve things to consider when evaluating membership software.

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