Membernaire Review – Membershipsite Expert Help

I’ve explored many membershipsite strategies and methods and I’ve tested a couple of membershipsite scripts.

NONE were as simple to grasp and as easy to set up as the one explained in Membernaire, Jimmy Brown’s membershipsite help program.

Membernaire offers two HUGE benefits.

The first one is the ‘Fixed-Term Membershipsite’ which solves many problems and stressful efforts you’ll experience when setting up a good membershipsite:

NO complex or expensive software needed,
easy and fast to set up,
– no stress or pressure to create content in time,
inexpensive to start and
– quite easy to retain members!

But that’s noting compared to the most important benefit of Membernaire, which makes it so outstanding…

All advices, remarks, strategies, techniques,
solutions, tips and tricks simply… WORK!

Because they come from an expert, Jimmy Brown, who has dealt with more than one membershipsite.

Nicheology is a great example, although not fixed term (Jimmy sold that one). Membernaire (which IS a fixed term membershipsite) is another one.

Membernaire is a step-by-step, 52-week training program for starting and running a successful membershipsite. The lessons, one per week, are delivered in an easy to download PDF format.

In each and every lesson, Jimmy basically:
– identifies a possible problem or ways to improve your membershipsite,
– explains the solution for that,
– give examples of his solutions and
– let’s you do it yourself at the end of every lesson.

And since Jimmy, who’s also a very smart online marketer, has a lot of experience with membershipsites, this course is not just about learning how to set up a membershipsite.

No, the main aspect of this course is that you get the experience of what works and what doesn’t and what all the pitfalls are and how to solve them before they occur. It doesn’t get any better than this!

The sales letter states that you can start a membership site (and be taking orders) in just 48 hours. I do not agree with that one.
Yes, you can certainly start BUILDING your membershipsite within that period, but you may not be able to sell it in that short period of time, as it may be too short to get the full picture of your site.

My guess is, that experienced marketers may need a week, maybe two, to oversee the full impact of their own membershipsite. And I strongly suggest that newbies better wait until they’ve studied the first 10 lessons as these contain the core basics of fixed term membershipsites.

Here’s an overview of the first 10 lessons:

  • Lesson #01: How To Setup Your Own MembershipSite in 48 Hours or Less
  • Lesson #02: FTM Quick Start 1 – Preparation
  • Lesson #03: FTM Quick Start 2 – Presentation
  • Lesson #04: FTM Quick Start 3 – Production
  • Lesson #05: FTM Quick Start 4 – Promotion
  • Lesson #06: The “Magic Sentence” That Keeps Subscribers Paying
  • Lesson #07: How To Double Your Profit In One Easy Step
  • Lesson #08: How To Keep Subscribers Active, Part 1
  • Lesson #09: How To Keep Subscribers Active, Part 2
  • Lesson #10: Turing On Your Built-In Profit Booster

Fifty two weeks certainly isn’t too long for a course like this, because you can build both your know how as well as your membershipsite itself ‘as you go’. You don’t have to finish the course before starting your site.

And cutting this course in weekly chunks makes it very do-able. It only takes half an hour to read the lessons, and another two hours on average to get your homework done (a bit more in the preparation phase). That’s not too much in a weeks time, it would be if the course consisted of only one Ebook.

Besides that, after you’ve set up your membershipsite, learning and practicing go hand in hand. You will learn ‘on the fly’ as you develop your site. And believe me, Jimmy is on top of every possible problem before you experience it. So you already know the solution before the problem occurs.

A great example I would like to mention is retention. From his own experience, Jimmy knows exactly when members tend to lose focus and unsubscribe. At the exact right moment, you’ll know what to do to prevent that.

Another important fact that Jimmy covers right from the beginning is… “Why You Should Never Cancel Your Membership”!
Just a few other important, typical membershipsite topics in random order:

  • “Why You Should Never Cancel Your Membership”!
  • “Getting New Subscribers Automatically”,
  • “The Backdoor to Keeping Members”,
  • “Getting 100 New Subscribers”,
  • “How To Outsource (the whole membership if you wish!)”,
  • “Getting All The Free Traffic That You’ll Need”,
  • “Free Ghost Written Lessons”,

And of course there’s the ‘over deliver’ aspect that an expert marketer as Jimmy Brown wouldn’t omit from a course like this.
Over the year you will receive several extra bonuses for being a loyal member, like “20 Membership Site Ideas”. Believe me, when these suggestions come from and expert like Jimmy Brown, there’s money to be made.

As mentioned above, the fixed term membershipsite doesn’t require any membership script. Which is a big relieve, because selecting the right script for a site like this isn’t easy and almost always doesn’t fit the requirements for hundred percent.

This Membernaire membershipsite is capped at 1.000 members. I didn’t believe that at first when I joined Nicheology, but it was true: I went in just in time. So you’d better hurry if you want to be in Membernaire. It’s close to the limit.

I joined Jimmy’s Membernaire in December 2008 and enjoyed each and every weekly lesson. I still refer to them quite often, because of their huge value for creating and exploiting membershipsites.

I therefore wholeheartedly can recommend Membernaire (Link removed; membership no longer available). You’ll immediately receive your first lesson, so you can get started right away.

Let me know your thoughts.
Use the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “Membernaire Review – Membershipsite Expert Help

  1. Andrew @ says:


    I have one of Jimmy’s other courses – Affiliatenaire and it’s brilliant. He always gives great marketing advice and over delivers, so I would expect membernaire is very similar.


  2. Jose Anajero says:

    I haven’t been a member of Jimmy Brown’s membership site but based from reading his works (and reading about him) I trust he over-delivers.

    You said “The sales letter states that you can start a membership site (and be taking orders) in just 48 hours. I do not agree with that one.”

    Since Jimmy has been known as an honest person, there must be an explanation why he claimed what claimed in the sales letter. I know you said, “Yes, you can certainly start BUILDING your membership site within that period, but you may not be able to sell it in that short period of time, as it may be too short to get the full picture of your site.”

    Can you please elaborate more on that claim of Jimmy.

    Thanks Case for this interesting post.


    • Case Stevens says:

      Oh, Jimmy is an honest person, never doubt that. And I’m the first one to admit he’s much better than I am.

      Only, I didn’t succeed in getting an overview of 52 lessons within 48 hours. Soon after starting I tried to compose that overview, but had to change it often, because I forgot something or had to re-arrange the items for a better flow in the learning curve. Took me about a week before my program was more or less definite and I was satisfied about the quality and value of the topics to be delivered.
      I don’t like to start selling a membership before I have the whole picture and that’s why I disagreed, but that’s me.

      Does this make more sense to you Jose?

  3. Jose Anajero says:

    Thanks Case for the enlightening reply.

    I personally don’t mind not being able to take orders after 45 hours. I spent many months pursuing dead-ends before I finally found my right mentor. And I can wait for 45 days (or whatever it takes) to finally enter profit mode.

    God bless, Case.


  4. Tom Lindstrom says:

    Good review! Im a Affiliatenaire member and the course is just excellent.I like how Jimmy can explain everything so it is easy to understand, and the tactics he shares do really work.

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