Why A Marketing System?

When you build your (online) business, people aren’t visiting it automatically lead by some invisible force. You have to tell them exactly what you can mean for them. In other words, you have to promote and advertise.

You need a methodical and systematic approach to bring in new customers and sell to the active existing ones.
You also must have some process to reactivate previous clients.
On top of that, you do want to test different strategies and tactics to discover the ones that are the most profitable for you and your business.

There’s an abundance of marketing advice available on the Net – some of it really good, a lot of it (very) bad, several that works for some businesses, but not for others. Very often, the only way is to try them out yourself to know for sure.

You certainly want to examine the methods that have the highest odds of success.

You try article marketing, you advertise in ezines, set up profiles and pages in (too) many social network sites, you’re floored by the next product launch promising you the world, you study copywriting, give email marketing a try or discover the world of joint ventures and try to land a few.
You also study some winning sales letters and implement the best elements in your own efforts.
You network with your peers, hoping to harvest some outstanding ideas to try out as the next project.

To put it briefly, you may be everywhere, testing new as well as time-tested methods.

Keeping (and knowing why, which is even more powerful) what works and tossing away what doesn’t.

Given enough time and money – because it actually is a numbers game and nothing else – eventually you will discover the best working methods for your business.

The question is…

…can you really afford it to burn through all that money and a lot of that time before you get there?

Let me give you an example.

Austrian Alps
Photo Credit: Francois Schnell

Long time ago I used to go on holidays in the Alps and on one occasion my companions and I wanted to take a hike in the mountains. Our hotel hostess – a very nice, advanced aged woman – volunteered to be our guide. When she was off duty, we took a firm hike to the top of the mountain the hotel was on.

When we started our -two and a half hour- walk towards a refuge hut, we were running uphill and found her pace dreadfully slow. But soon we got very tired. We stopped to look back and saw our guide approach from a distance. We took a little rest.

Then, before she could catch up with us, we started climbing again. This time at a slower pace. But soon our calfs and shins started to hurt, so we stopped and looked back to see how far our host was behind. We took another little rest.

And again, before she could catch up, we were on the road again. This time walking backwards, so we wouldn’t feel the pain in our lower legs. And it wasn’t for long before our thighs started to ache. Shall we take another rest? This time a bit longer, so we could recuperate? Great idea.

We then joined our trusted hostess and guide as she caught up with us. So, how to walk now? Following her pace? Made sense by now. Yes, let’s do that.

But soon it appeared that we were completely worn-out because of our unsystematic methods that weren’t suited to make that two and a half hike uphill.
We tried running, walking, walking backwards, strolling, resting and it only led to frustration not being able to follow our guide for the last hour.
She was out of our sight soon and arrived in the hut first, where she started to prepare a nice meal for us.

That analogy can be applied to your business as well. And that’s exactly what we will look at in the next issue.
To be continued.

Meanwhile you can post your comments below.

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One thought on “Why A Marketing System?

  1. Yes a marketing system is very important! You need to know what works and how to implement the tactics before you will get a significant amount of traffic.

    Btw… I loved the hiking story!

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