Marketing Humor On Saturday Night


how do you express the need for speed for something?

For instance, a cargo company wants to emphasize their speedy deliveries.
There is NO good way to express speed in text, so they visualize.

And use humor! Lots of it.

Watch the video below to discover how they do that.

Have fun.
Have a great weekend,


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3 thoughts on “Marketing Humor On Saturday Night

  1. Case Stevens says:

    I’m absolutely sure that if the message wasn’t there, someone would file a complaint about the snake.
    In that case it would be more work to explain the whole thing than they have now.

  2. Robroy says:

    The video is suspenseful as the music builds – I was glad when the snail looked surprised. He became aware of his problem of excessive slowness. You’re right – words can not show “speed” the way visualizing can.

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