Make Money Online with Your Blog: Top 4 Tips

There are tons of things you can try to make money online.

One of the best ways to turn a profit with the internet is by blogging. Blogs are very popular because they are very profitable; many bloggers have earned big money and have even become famous.

If you want to make money online from your home to create extra income or a full time job, you should create a blog and really work it. Simply having a blog may not be enough to make you money; it is what you do with it that counts.

As you work to make money online with your blog, you should follow these tips, as they are the top 4 tricks you should try for making money online with your blog.

  1. Place advertisements on your blog.
    Most of the blogs you find on the web make their money from advertising. Placing advertising on your blog isn’t always popular with your visitors, but it is very profitable. A few discrete, well-placed ads can really give your income a boost.

    There are many ad networks and other channels for finding advertisers, but one of the most popular is Google AdSense. This advertising network is easy to use, and it lets even beginning bloggers start to make money from the pay per click ads that appear on participating blogs. Unless your blog is very popular, this may only give you an occasional pop in pocket money, but it is still income all the same.

  2. Be an affiliate.
    Affiliate programs are like ads, but they are different in some key areas. If you are an affiliate, you will place advertisements and links on your site. Some of these, like with Google AdSense, will pay you a bit each time someone clicks on them. Most, however, give payouts when someone buys a product or subscribes to a service after clicking through from your site.

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    This offers benefits to both advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers are only paying for advertising that works, as opposed to paying for placement or for clicks that may not lead to a purchase. Affiliates are essentially paid a commission, which is usually much more generous than anything that would be made through more traditional ads.

  3. Write posts for pay.
    Businesses, organizations, and websites want to build buzz, and often this means that they want people to blog about them. They may not even want positive feedback; usually these groups just want more links to their sites on the web so that they can get an SEO boost.

    To get these valuable blog mentions, many have started buying paid posts. These posts are written by bloggers who post the content to their own blog in return for a fee. Depending on the popularity of the blog, a blogger could be offered a few cents for one of these posts or a few hundred dollars. Paid posts may feel like selling out to some, but if might feel a bit better when the money hits the bank.

  4. Accept donations.
    If you have read many blogs, you surely have seen some donation buttons on some sites that you have visited. Requesting donation is a common practice for many bloggers, especially those who opt not to place advertisements onto their site.

    By placing a button or link on your site for donations, people who like your blog and you content can pay you for it. While many folks will prefer to keep your blog completely free for them (regardless of how much they enjoy it), others will find your work valuable and will give you money help keep your worthwhile content coming.

This article is written by Kevin Moor who writes for, a site featuring interesting and informative reviews on data recovery.

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2 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Your Blog: Top 4 Tips

  1. Jeff says:

    nice article!

    I was not a believer of make a donation as a means of earning from blog before.

    Not until I heard that Steve Pavlina, the owner of personal development for smart people, is earning more than $100 monthly on donations.

    I should have known better. After all , it is wikipedia’s primary income source.

    Someday I might put donation button on my blog.

  2. Bus says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for this article. Although these tips are quite not new to most seasoned Internet marketers, it will still be crucial to all novice bloggers.

    Donations however is a hard bait. I have a Paypal donation button on my health blog and up until now, I never had any single donation. But of course having this option is a good diversion stream for your online income.

    What I can really recommend is the direct advertising. It is the most appealing tool to make money out of your blog. But to be able to do this, your site must be authoritative enough to entice or attract advertisers into your blog. So marketing is an important aspect of this endeavor.

    Thanks for sharing Kevin.

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