How To Make Money Blogging (Must Read!)

Yaro Starak, a professional money making top blogger with huge traffic, has written his blueprint about making money with blogging. Yaro is very well known in the blogosphere and has two-and-a-half years of blogging and over seven years of hands-on Internet business experience.

It’s always interesting to learn from the experiences of seasoned experts and that curiosity made me download Blogs Profits Blueprint. Expecting to read much of the same and pick up a detail or two, which would have made it worth while.

I was however pleasantly surprised by the content of his blueprint. Yes, there is some basic stuff in there, but for the most part it’s great content choked with valuable and practical information and Yaro’s philosophy is freshening.

There’s this interesting concept of Pillar Content and Communication Channels to monetize your blog.
Pillar content is what visitors want to see and read at your blog. Yaro explains in detail what Pillar content is and how to set it up.

Communication channels is what bring visitors to your Pillar content. He separates them in Traffic Streams -the little baby steps that you should take daily- and Traffic Rivers, the occasional big surges.
Yaro explains in detail what they exactly are and how to get from the first to the second.

His chapter about monetization of a blog is also very interesting. My main problem about making a living with blogging is becoming a slave of your blog, just to make the money.

Yaro says:

“You do not want to work for your blog, you want your blog to work for you.”

What he means is, that the amount of money you make with your blog, should not be related to the number of posts you produce. That’s a very wise strategy, I really like that.

It should be noticed, that Yaro doesn’t blog full time! He prefers to spend time working on other interesting projects. And yet he makes a very nice income just from part time blogging (he will even tell you how much)!

This blueprint is a realistic, no-nonsense blogging experience report. There’s no hype in here, no Adsense millions nonsense, no illusions! Facts, based on a well-thought-out strategy and honest work.

The report doesn’t cost you any money, just your email address.
It’s an easy read, no geek speak, so everyone, from newbie to experienced marketer, can profit from it.

Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about blogging.

Click here to download your free copy of Blog Profits Blueprint.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging (Must Read!)

  1. Yaro says:

    Thanks for the great review Case and I’m very glad you enjoyed my book.



  2. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Brenda, Frédéric,

    I’m sure you will enjoy reading the report as much as I did.
    It will be very helpful to determine directions for your blog, as well as for traffic generation and monetization.

    Have fun,

    Kind regards/Sincères amitiés.

  3. Hi there Case..

    Thanks for giving us the link to that free eBook!

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