Major Phishing Warning from Gary Ambrose

Today I found a few more phishing messages in my inbox. My PayPal account was compromised and I had to log in to change passwords. Yeah, right!

I’m using Mailwasher for my POP mail. Since it doesn’t display images, I can immediately see the URL I’m sent to. And although such URL often includes the term paypal, it’s always a variant. That makes it easy to detect this kind of scam.

My second line of defense is my email program: Pegasus. Great program, lots of filtering features and no images to display. Compared to other email software it’s a bit basic without fancy bells and whistles, but it does a great job.

Finally, I never click a link concerning PayPal, payment systems or any other bank account.
I always type in the URL and explore the site. Seems quite safe to me.


I just read a post at the Warrior forum from Gary Ambrose, owner of Email Aces, another great autoresponder service.

Gary titled his message
‘Major Phishing Warning – Take This Seriously …’
and if Gary posts messages like this, you’d better take them serious. He knows what he’s talking about. Check it out.

Firefox also recognizes that phishing really IS a serious problem. They just posted a message on their blog: Firefox has declared war on phishing and the Firefox community is its army!!!.

So, I was wondering…

How do you detect phishing messages?
Are you aware of the phenomenon in the first place? If so, how do you protect yourself from being scammed?
Let me know by posting your comments.

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