Major Change in Google Adwords

Google Adwords and Google Adsense users: listen up!

Use of the Google Content Network will undergo a major change. Google will soon allow advertisers to target specific websites! This could refine your internet marketing strategies.

According to Google ‘….site-targeted ads run only on sites the advertisers select, based on their judgment of the sites’ relevance, reach and appropriateness. These ads do not appear on search result pages.’

Site targeting advertisers will use a CPM-system and their max. bids will compete with other site-targeted ads.
I can only speculate, but for Adsense users with high in demand content this may be good news.

Most remarkable aspect of this new development is the striking resemblance with Traffic Showcase from Kenneth McArthur. Seems Ken has been way ahead of Google!
If you want to experiment with this system and leave your competition behind you, just sign up for Traffic Showcase (closed).

Anyway, for more information about these developments just click Presenting significant enhancements to the Google AdWords program

Be prepared,

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