Magic Ingredient To Make Money Online

Let me ask you a blunt question: “Do you make money online?”
If not, why not?

Statistics show about 95% of the people who want to make money on the Internet fail.
The question is: Why?

Well, visiting forums, blogs and social media sites, the most heard answer to that question is: they don’t…

Take Action.

Take Action!
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While that may be true, this answer is just too easy, because the next logical question is: “Why don’t they take action?”

From my personal experience I can tell that one of the reasons it took me a while before I made money online was my believe that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to sell, let alone to tell others how to do that. It took me some time to get rid of that feeling.

To a certain extent, I find that a valid reason.
An individual who wants to make money selling fishing gears online but who is not knowledgeable about fishing will surely fail. Even if his friend is doing well in that particular niche and tells him everything he knows, it doesn’t mean that this individual will also become successful. You have to educate yourself, because…

The Type of Business You Get Into
Is One That You Know About.

Still, lots of people are knowledgeable, yet they don’t make money online. So that still doesn’t answer our question. We have to dig deeper.

Thousands and thousands of future Internet marketers are learning. They buy one ‘make money’ opportunity after the other, because the latest one always seems better than all previous ones. All they do is keep learning and never try something. They are stuck in the ready-aim, ready-aim, ready-aim phase. They never fire.

Probably that’s because they can not make up their mind and make a decision to dedicate themselves to give a project a try. They just don’t…


And why is that?
If you ask me, it’s because most people are just looking for that one and only simple and easy to implement secret to become wealthy. They just will not accept that making money online -as most things in life- requires a lot of hard work, motivation, perseverance and dedication! They just don’t have the…

Right Mindset!

And that, dear reader, may be the real cause of failure.

In one of his latest post, famous marketer Terry Dean debunks 7 Make Money Online Myths. While he doesn’t explicitly talk about failure, his post contains a lot of the same elements mentioned in here.

A great solution for these problems is to find a mentor and it certainly will not harm you to go with Terry as he has an outstanding track record making millions online. And I’m confident that he will teach you everything you’ll need to become successful online, only..

Terry can’t force you to have the right mindset, to focus, to get an education and to take action.

It’s up to you!

Famous blogging expert Yaro Starak goes one step further. He says, that Sometimes You Have To Reinvent The Wheel, meaning that you have to have a special, even magical ingredient to become really successful.

But in that same post, Yaro states that not many students who took his Blog Mastermind course will build a profitable blog.
Believe me when I say that course is excellent. I took it myself and I will wholeheartedly promote it when Yaro opens doors again.

But my point is that you finally have to take action yourself.
I’m quite confident that Terry and Yaro feel the same and if they don’t I challenge them to comment on this post.

Make a plan, stick to it, get education where necessary and then… Take Action!

It’s up to you!

Any comments on this point of view?

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5 thoughts on “Magic Ingredient To Make Money Online

  1. Yaro says:

    Hi Case,

    I agree with what you said and this is definitely an interesting topic.

    I think most people fail because they are so emotionally off track with what they want to achieve. It takes willpower to get what you want.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Yaro,

    Seems we are in agreement for the most part. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Kevin Riley says:


    I’m writing a section for Nathan Hockley’s new project, and this is exactly what I’m targeting. I’m doing up a case study for him of two guys who were in the same job two years ago. One still is – because he never took action. The other is living the dream life that the first one envies, because he took action.

    It’s really so simple. Just do it!


  4. Case Stevens says:

    @nhick Thanks for the stumble!

    @Martin Taking action is the only thing that really counts and it’s as simple as that like Kevin says.

    @Kevin Curious to your contribution. Could you make an extract from it and post it as a guest? Wink, wink. πŸ™‚

  5. Case Stevens says:

    @LaRene True. Now only those who persevere eventually will become successful, but at a cost: work!
    As for finding niches: look at trends people follow and pay money for.

    @Evan If you’re looking for great stats for your blog, Google Analytics is the best option imo. Technorati is more of a blog search engine.
    Yes, Yaro and Darren are great, modest bloggers, but there are more of them. You will be amazed how many of these A bloggers will help you or at least respond to you when you ask them questions!
    In any situation, no one knows exactly what solid wise action is. That’s why we also are entrepreneurs. We learn from our own mistakes and if we do, we can only become better and better.

    Thanks for your comments guys. πŸ™‚

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