Logo Designs Company Selection: 5 Important Factors

A professional logo designs company should offer its clients flexibility in packages. The firm should also be punctual and professional.

But how do you check that?

Here are 5 important factors when selecting a logo design firm. Coming from Carol Brown, who wrote today’s guest post.

Here’s Carol.


It is an undeniable fact that the logos are used as brand building tools and contribute to the public image of a company.

A company gets an edge over the rivals if it has an attractive and unique kind of logo. Therefore, it is very important for business owners to select the right logos design company for a business logo design.

Here are 5 important aspects to keep in mind.

  1. Showing experience.
    A reliable logo designs company needs to have experienced and qualified design professionals in its workforce.
    The firm should have veteran visualizers, designers and artists who work in a team to come up with compelling and creatively designed logos.

    The experienced logo designers give priority to the thought and ideas of the client before delving into logo design. It is better if the logo design team of a design agency prefers a session with the client before starting the work. Interaction with the client and his feedback is beneficial for both the parties.

  2. Portfolio.
    Where the business owners can check the portfolio section in their sites to get an understanding of the quality of their work. By seeing the samples they can understand whether the firm will be able to do justice to their logo design needs or not.

    Similarly, they can also see the testimonial section of such sites. This section contains the feedback of the satisfied clients of a logo designs company. A professional logo firm is never hesitant about giving references to a prospective client.

  3. Flexibility
    A reliable and veteran logo design firm should offer various design packages to their clients.
    This is natural because the clients can have varying needs for logo design.

    Some clients may need a logo for a sister concern of his company. There are some clients who want comprehensive logo design covering online and print media. The charges for different packages are going to be different as well.

  4. Infrastructure
    A logo designs company that has a professional way of working should have adequate infrastructure in place. The firm should also use latest software and hardware for the work.

    Often the website of a firm reflects its standard. The professional logo design companies are quick to respond to the query of the clients, no matter what method the client uses for making the queries.

    They usually offer the option for asking for quotes in the website itself. A professional logo design firm also needs to have a dedicated helpline for addressing client queries.

  5. Exhaustive website information
    A business owner looking for a reliable and efficient logo designs company should be able to search in the internet for the right agency.

    On their site, he should also be able to compare the charges and services of such firms online.

    There are some logo design companies that offer money refund guarantee for the clients. Opting for such services is logical as the clients can be assured of getting the best value for their expense.

All right, that’s how you select a logo designs company.
Any experiences you want to share?
Post them below.

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6 thoughts on “Logo Designs Company Selection: 5 Important Factors

  1. It’s also important to design the logo to be suitable for the 6 locations where it will be placed:

    1 Blog icon 16 pixels
    2 Desktop icon 32 pixels
    3 Website header
    4 Stationary letterhead and envelope
    5 Corporate gifts – mugs, card holders
    6 Corporate wear – ties, shirts, umbrellas

    So, think about what the logo looks like from the smallest 16 pixel square to the largest corporate umbrella for free advertising in the middle of Bangalore and Mumbai. I’d suggest that the maximum number of colours for the logo should be 3 or 4.

  2. Good post, I’ve given it a couple of bookmarks.

    Here’s something on logo flexibility I’d like to add from our own blog:

    With too many gradients and fancy colour variations, your logo will not only look very busy, but may also be a problem. For example, you get published in a newspaper. Your logo is included alongside your article or advert, in black and white print. However, all the colours are no longer distinguishable in B&W, and any clarity you had in colour is now lost.

  3. Noel Addison says:

    The quality of the logo is the most important thing, so make sure that the logo design company you hire have a large and professional logo portfolio . Not only should they have many different kinds of logos in their portfolio, but they should also have logos from many different kinds of companies, to prove that they have worked with companies in different fields. Make sure that all of the logos in the portfolio are from different companies and that they are from real companies. Things like multiple logos for the same company and logos with names like “electrical company” are dead giveaways that the logo design company has not been in business for very long and thus are probably not the best at what they do.

  4. Asif says:

    Well I would say that the feature of the logo is the mainly essential thing, but everyone should keep in mind that the logo should be according to the subject of the Company or Website. And apart from that the logo design, color combination must be user friendly and unique and not match with other company’s logo as well. So I think such kind of positive steps make you inimitable.

  5. Design to Html says:

    Actually I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. The logo on my site has the company name only, no tag-line/slogan. I think logos should be as simple and clear as possible. The best way is to combine them with hidden signs, like FedEx did for their logo (the famous arrow, showing the speed of the deliveries).

  6. Marco Pirrongelli says:

    i’m agree with Russell and i think that you miss the advertising banners, when we create a corporate image as a company we give you everything even the sticker design for your car… i think is very important to have your image everywhere when you are starting with a new company or you want to present a new product to the market…

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