What list builders use to create huge email lists

Most successful list builders will affirm that your list is the most crucial part of your online business.

Despite the micro blogging hype, they are -still- right.

With a huge and sound list you will always be able to generate an online income.
You can lose your SE rankings, being slapped by PPC advertising systems and being hit by a lot of other tragedies.
You will still be okay as long as you have a great list.

But how do these list builders create their lists?

What List Builders Create
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Well, they use many different ways that you can use too, but before we’ll go into that, let me point out the most important part that list builders use consistently.

The main key is to dedicate all your efforts to a formula that will work for you.

You should create a detailed plan to build your list and then stick to it. That’s what all great list builders do and so should you, as it will keep you focused.

However, don’t consider it written in stone. As you move forward, be prepared to change your plan and discover better ways to do things. It’s kind of split testing: you keep what works best and replace the other formula by a new one.

Giving valuable information away for free still is one of the best ways to build a huge list and that’s what successful list builders use most.

Visit your favorite forums and watch closely what members are talking about to get an idea of what would make a great free gift. What problems do people have? Then find a solution for that problem and give it away in exchange for their email address. That’s one great way to build your list.

Give away events are another way to grow your list. Mind you, give-aways always attract freebee seekers, so give away your incentive and then ask for email addresses. Thus you will get less subscribers, but those who sign up are seriously interested in your offer.

But ways to build a list is not all.

Once your list starts growing then you will need to keep your subscribers satisfied. List builders are very aware of that. That’s why, instead of concentrating all their energy on the list building aspect, they also take good care of their subscribers to prevent people from leaving.

One key ingredient here to give them value on a weekly basis, so if you create a series of valuable follow up messages they won’t even consider leaving your list. Therefore nurturing your list should be an important part of your plan too.

Implement these 3 tips that list builders always use:

  1. Choose Your Autoresponder Wisely

    An autoresponder is a software program that automatically sends automatic emails to people at any interval you tell it to. You simply write the emails, feed them into the autoresponder, and set the date to sent that message.

    I’m using Aweber, because I have found them the best in delivering my messages through all the spam filters. Others are GetResponse and Email Aces. And there are some self-hosted scripts too. They all have great features, but at the time of my selection, Aweber was simply the best for me (and still is) and for most great list builders. So, take your time and choose it wisely.

  2. Make People an Offer They Can’t Refuse

    Offer your potential customers valuable information in exchange for their email address. Or you could offer them a chance to win some type of prize or a free copy of your latest software or Ebook.
    For example, you could give away a free laptop every month. Just make sure you publicize who wins the prize so that more people will be encouraged to try to win it.

  3. Concentrate on Content

    You prefer to carefully craft every follow up message that you write. Make it valuable to the reader, so they can use it immediately to improve THEIR business. Include some casual selling without really blatantly trying to sell them something. People don’t like getting an email that is simply a sales pitch. Just offer a solution to a problem and the product that you use.

    When you’re writing your follow up messages, treat your subscribers like friends. You prefer to start a long term relationship with them so that they don’t unsubscribe. Therefore treat your list less like potential customers and more like friends.

Follow these 3 list builders tips and you will have a large and profitable list.

So, what’s your take on these list builders tips?
Post your comments below.

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11 thoughts on “What list builders use to create huge email lists

  1. 3 fantastic point to create a worthy list. I yet not started to create list but I’m willing to do it soon as list is something which will pay you for ever.

  2. Jen Rachel says:

    Your list is the most important thing to consider when your doing business online. Essentially this is your customer base and as long as you continue to get people to go to your website or a squeeze page and give you their name and e-mail, then essentially they become a potential prospect at some point in the future to buy your product.

  3. A list is definately important but in my opinion alot of the so-called gurus have no clue about doing it right after the building stage. Their mails are mainly annoying and give no value at all. They want something and you know it by only reading the headline. Then there a few who know what they are doing.

  4. Erline says:

    This is one of the best tips I ever read about email marketing. But if I may add a bit, The things with email marketing are to be as often as you can to connect with your readers. This is just what I think though.

    Anyway, the rest of the tips are really informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your list is the most important thing to consider when your doing business online. Essentially this is your customer base and as long as you continue to get people to go to your website or a squeeze page and give you their name and e-mail, then essentially they become a potential prospect at some point in the future to buy your product.

  6. Norman says:

    we all know that the list is our lifesaver if we ever get slapped by google in our keywords campaign and eventually lose traffic to our site. some says that money is on the list, but this is superficial. we are close if we say that it is the relationship we build in that list, we are getting warmer then. but truly, it’s in the valuable content that we give our list subscribers. that’s were the money is, because the people in our list deserve them

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  7. Adam says:

    Nice post – I also use Aweber for my list building. Was wondering how it compares to GetResponse? Would appreciate any input from those who have used both.

  8. Jenn says:

    I also love AWeber. It makes life so easy!
    One thing about the email lists though — they are so much more valuable if highly targeted as you mentioned.
    I find that those who sign up for a free ebook tightly targeted to your niche are people who are keenly interested.

  9. I totally agree with this. I am a proud user of Aweber and it has been great.

    If you have a blog post, you can add in a blog broadcast feature so that it will automatically update your email list that you have posted a new post.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I vote for #2 and #3 combined. If you really have good content, do what many big newspapers do – have a teaser text, long enough to be intriguing but without revealing the key information until people sign-up.

    I would sign-up if the topic is very interesting.

  11. Case Stevens says:

    They occasionally have their maintenance times, but these are short and well announced.
    Their service has improved (and still is improving) drastically over the last one and a half year.
    Wholeheartedly recommended!

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