Link Management Assistant

Duncan Carver from is a great marketer.
Quite often he has some outstanding free software available on his site.

One example of this is a link management script called Link Management Assistant.
Absolutely, by far, the best and most flexible script I’ve seen on the Net. In his latest newsletter, Duncan announces a few nice templates that you can use in the script.

The only reason I do NOT use it are the links at the bottom. By giving away his script for free, Duncan makes some money promoting hotels and other, non-marketing related sites here.
I think promoting such unrelated sites is not appropriate for my site.

I discovered these unrelated links only AFTER I installed the script (I didn’t read the TOS, shame on me!). And boy, I was really angry then: here’s the best link manager you can find on the Net, but it promotes this!

Anyway, after careful consideration I took it down.
Yes, I discovered the code where he inserts these links. And yes, I could have easily deleted them.

But that would be sheer theft!

Here’s a guy giving you the best piece of software available on the Net for free!. The other side of the coin (nothing ever comes for really free) is that he makes some money by giving that away. Anyone using his software should respect that.
Taking that link out would be a crime.

Yet Duncan reports in his newsletter that many people have done so.
He claims he’s able to track these people and get their websites down. He has shut down 5 people already. I think he’s right. If you use his script for free, you have to pay. Not with money but leaving these links in there.

Here’s more information about the Link Management Assistant.

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