Do You Have A Link To Your Home Page In WordPress?

When browsing blogs, I often see that there’s no way to get back to the home page once you are inside.

Or, if there is, it is just called Home (Page).

That’s wrong, because your visitors can’t navigate properly.
It’s also wrong from a search engine optimization perspective, because you don’t promote your home page on your site.

You should have a link referring to your home page at every other page in your blog.

And the text should NOT be Home (Page), but your Main Keyword, the same keyword that you (hopefully) have used in your domain name.

It’s very easy to implement this in the standard (Kubrick) WordPress theme.

Just open the file sidebar.php.

At the very top, just after

<div id=”sidebar”>

you’ll add this line:

<li><a href=””><strong>Your Domain Name</strong></a><br /><br /></li>

of course, after filling in your domain name where appropriate.

Optionally you could add Home or Home Page in the anchor text (the part that says ‘Your Domain Name’). It’s up to you.

And that’s all.

Now you have a link to your home page on all pages inside your WordPress blog.

Note: if you ever upgrade to a newer WordPress version, don’t forget to save sidebar.php and upload it again after upgrading!

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One thought on “Do You Have A Link To Your Home Page In WordPress?

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Two things are important here.

    One: is the link to your home page obvious for your readers, in other words will they use it instantly to return home. As soon as they have to search for it, you should use another one. Let your family and friends try it and tell you what they experienced.

    Second: The text in your links (anchor text) is important for search engines to learn what your link, page and site is all about. Therefore, although you must vary them, you also should consistently use related anchor texts.

    Nupur, I visited your blog. Crisp, nice lay-out and good content!
    Your logo may work, but if there’s any chance of having the domain name inserted as a link (Deaf Musician Home) I would do so.

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