5 Tips To Leverage Your Brand Through Proper Internet Marketing

Do you plan to put up your own online business? If so, what type of money making tool do you prefer? Are you planning to build your own e-store website or a blogging site perhaps?
Whichever you decide to put up, you first need to invest time, effort and money to be able to succeed online.

Internet is fast changing and every Internet marketer must adapt from these changes to go with the flow of online business trends.
We have seen how the Internet has evolved, making the website industry a much stiffer challenge. Social media sites have a tremendous impact on people and blogs are still hot properties on the web.
But there is only one factor that remains constant over the years in the online business industry, and that is marketing.

You probably read most of Case’s marketing techniques in this blog which are all useful for your work. But let me share you a different blend of advice with regards to your marketing endeavours.

These tips will give you different perspectives on how you plan and apply your marketing regimens that will help change the way you promote your site and in return, make you more money.

  1. Make other less priorities, your priorities!
    New Year means new business resolutions. It is important to prioritize all other marketing methods that you haven’t tried yet.

    Establish your priorities from the start of your marketing campaign and make sure that you apply all of it. Identifying your priorities is critical to your online business. If you know your goals, it will give you inspiration to strive harder to reach success.

    Every promotional method whether paid or not, can help your web business to gain its needed exposure.
    If you plan to maximize your time in article marketing, then focus on syndicating your articles to various article sites and blogs. Do guest posting, email marketing and participate in popular forums. Analyze every marketing regimen that you used and focus on few methods that actually brings you more traffic in a much less effort and time.
    You will be surprised that there are various promotional streams that can turn your site famous.

  2. Make good use of modern tools
    This is the right time to change your marketing tactics and make use of every available tools as much as possible for the interests of your web business.
    Your social media profiles and various blog communities can assist you on what effective marketing strategies are in-demand today. To begin with, try the following tips.

    • Be active on popular social media sites. The more you interact, the more people will learn about your brand.
    • Understand the various algorithmic trends of Google and other search engines.
    • Learn video marketing. Have you ever tried promoting your site on YouTube?
    • Expose your social media profiles on your site. People will stay connected with your website if they are in your circle.
    • Use email marketing in full force. You need to feed your subscribers with quality and relevant content. Otherwise, your email marketing won’t convert well.
  3. Outsource your marketing campaign
    I mentioned earlier that you need to invest money in online business. While you can truly make money online without spending a dime through free CMS platforms such as Blogger and other web builders, other expenditures such as hosting and domain name are still required and are more desirable if you really want to build your own business brand.

    But with regards to marketing, your money could be in a full throttle which could kill your finances, but would definitely give you marketing freedom.
    If you have enough money to spend with your e-business, make use of it through outsourcing all your marketing endeavours. Freelancing sites like oDesk.com can assist you in employing some talented and qualified individuals to do various marketing jobs for your site. This includes link building, article submissions, forum marketing, social media marketing and many others.

    Your money can also be used for advertising and other promotional methods. You can either join any affiliate network like ShareAsale, Clickbank and commission junction, or you can advertise through Google Adwords. Both programs can help you reach a wider audience in less time and effort. One known personality that uses advertising very well for his blog is Neil Patel of www.quicksprout.com.

  4. Market your business offline
    Do you promote your website outside the Internet?
    It is quite odd for an authoritative blog to do offline marketing as it was highly unnecessary. But for most novice players like me, a few visitors which came from an offline marketing effort means a lot.
    In online business, every traffic is important and should be valued. Below are some cool ways on how to apply offline marketing for your business.

    • Public engagement (if you are a speaker)
    • Interviews
    • Press releases (any types of media)
    • Car stickers (two of my cars have rear-end stickers)
    • Shirt prints (Jeremy Schoemaker – www.shoemoney.com)
    • Calendar prints
    • Body tattoo
    • Leverage your brand with body tattoos
      Photo Credit: webmove
  5. Don’t forget your content
    You probably seen authoritative blogs that rank high in Google search results but their content are not updated regularly.
    If the only reason why you blog is to win the Google race, then you are not really a blogger. Remember that you should not blog for Google, but instead write for your readers. Other bloggers don’t have time to write post and instead they focus on their site’s SEO, sacrificing content in the process.
    Traffic alone won’t convert into loyal readers if you don’t have quality content to offer. No loyal readers, means no earnings.

    Both content and marketing are both important to any online business especially to blogs.
    Learn to offer something new like videos and incentives such as free e-book or online coaching. This will give your readers something of value which will really add up to your brand.
    Constantly work on your content and marketing endeavours, these are your bread and butter for life if you really want to get serious about being an online entrepreneur.

These tips will help you reach your marketing goals for your online business.
Remember, make sure to adapt and innovate yourself to new business trends to be able to develop new skills and hopefully turn that skills into online profits. Now you can truly say that you are leveraging your brand through proper Internet marketing.

Noah Mark Rodolfo, online entrepreneur and blogger, writes about topics like health, food recipes, online business, and weight loss products. Read more at Home Based Business.

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