Your Lead Generation System

There are basically two lead generation systems that we’re going to talk about today to get your prospects to subscribe to your list.

  1. You provide something valuable that they want and will get when they subscribe to your list.
  2. You present them precious content up front and then tell them they can subscribe to your list for even more. This is the “reverse lead generation system”.

Lead Generation System

Ideally, you’d like to implement both of them. Particularly in really crowded markets such as the Internet Marketing (IM) niche, where prospects become more and more unwilling and skeptical each day to give out their email address. By showing them up front a bit of what they’ll can expect, like in the reverse lead generation system, they will be put at ease.

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You want to provoke a reaction like “Geez, I’d like to see what this guy/girl is selling if (s)he’s giving away all this!” in both systems. Isn’t that what I (and most other marketers) am trying to do here at my blog?

Let’s closer examine some lead generation devices.

In order to be objective, I won’t use any of my own. Instead, I’ll use the ‘Copywriters Toolkit’ as an example, a great product from successful copywriter John Ritskowitz. Also, because John set up the basics for this series and he was so kind to provide his conversion rates (no affiliate links in here!).

Here’s the main sales page for the Copywriters Toolkit.
As you can see, John provides a “sneak preview” in his third P.S. That’s where leads can get his Profit DNA book and a few  tools just by subscribing to his list.

But he also tested a couple of other things using so called squeeze pages. Those are page designed to only ‘squeeze’ a name and email address out of his leads. I will show you these pages below, followed by the conversion rates (the percentage of leads who subscribed to his list). Note that the first two are only designed to “sell the mystery” and get them on the early bird list.

  • (22.03%)
  • (24.82%)
  • (14.56%)
  • (14.87%)

John also used others, but these converted the best. Carefully note, that “selling the mystery” (the first 2) is a crucial concept that shouldn’t be left out, whether a pre-launch or not!

Now for the reverse lead generation system.

John produced a book: “The Profit DNA: How To Unlock The Code To Maximum Profits Through Self-Evolving Websites.”
It contained strategically placed links referring back to his sales letter and his squeeze pages that he was testing during the release of this book.
You can still see how John did that. Just download “The Profit DNA”.

Notice the links to the sales letters and John’s blog on the download page. He did the same in multiple places where it made sense inside the book.
Just don’t overdo this, as you don’t want your book to be a sales letter. Instead, you only want it to offer high value content that people would actually pay for, and then slip in “Oh, by the way, you can learn more about X here…”, almost an reconsideration.

Perhaps you already know many of these tactics and I agree this is not rocket science. but here’s the main question:

“How many of these lead generation tactics
are you using right now?”.

Huh? Huuuuh?

One of the main obstacles implementing such tactics is the time it takes to get them all into place.
John spent almost a year getting many of my puzzle pieces into place in a perfect way (although he also has been very busy writing copy, his core business that always comes first).

But don’t let that hold you back. I’ve written many 52 and longer autoresponder series, that took months before they were good (and I’m still looking closely to unsubscribe rates).
I’m passing on this information as a shortcut for your own efforts here, because it’s IMPORTANT!

I could talk about lead generation all day, as there are many ways to do it successfully. But I think I’ve covered the important concepts.

In the next post, we will discuss the after sales process.
That leaves you with some time to think about your own lead generation system and how to set it up.

Meanwhile I’m curious about your comments.
Post them below.

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2 thoughts on “Your Lead Generation System

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Only for the first four emails. See How To Write Great Email Follow Up Series.
    The rest of the sequence highly depends on the market you’re in. You should thoroughly test these messages and keep an eye on the unsubscribe rate at certain points.

  2. John Ritskowitz says:

    Good points, all.

    I’ll add one more example that can be even more successful than the reverse lead gen device.

    Recently I released my PowerEffects v2 software. I also sold MRR licesnses with it, so buyers could resell it and keep 100% of the profits?

    Why would I do this? Well, in the software itself (which they’re not allowed to alter), there’s a “register” menu item and link, where users can get on my updates list to get free updates for life, and other goodies.

    The MRR option gives them an incentive to turn this product viral. The “Profit DNA” model allows them to pass it along, but offers no viral incentive.

    Can you guess which one went viral more?



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