Keyword Suggestion Tools: Most Effective Way to Bring In Traffic

Today I present a guest post about generating website traffic and use of keyword suggestion tools.

It is written by Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko, who provide a service on this topic.

I like their post, because it emphasizes again the use of appropriate keywords that are often forgotten when creating a page or a blog post.

While creating great content, it only takes a tiny bit of time to also research the keywords you should target in that content.

Hence this post. Enjoy!


One of the key traffic generating techniques for websites is to increase its ranking in search engines.

You can easily find many tips and advice regarding this but almost all of them will stress on the importance of keywords. This importance is clearly the reason for SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) and application of keyword suggestion tools.

keyword suggestion tools
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Judicious use of SEO will bring the traffic to your website. And, what’s more, it very likely will be targeted traffic, because through the help of keyword suggestion tools you know what people are searching for in relation to your products and services.

When you build your website, you are really keen about its look. You take care that it feels and looks good, is visitor friendly, fun to browse and an overall great experience.

There is a lot you can do, a pleasing look, the right colors plenty of interactive features widgets and other tools. The website should be a pleasure to visit and use.

All this will be worth the efforts only if there are visitors to use your website. The single most important factor is to bring targeted traffic to the website.

Undoubtedly SEO plays an important role in this aspect. The best way to make your website SEO friendly is the effective use of keywords.

Keywords are essential to represent your business and the products/services on offer. You may think it is quite easy for you to come up with keywords as you know your business inside out.
All that can be said is it is an educated guess as to what a person sitting half way across the world will type in to search for products or services that you are selling.

You can easily use online keyword suggestion tools that will help you generate a list of popular keywords with respect to your business. The tool will give you a fair idea of the way your potential clients may think. Using these keywords effectively will give a major boost to traffic to your site.

A word of caution here, it is not as simple as it may sound.
You may have multiple sites related to your business or may be you have multiple small businesses and related sites, and then you can’t just embed the same keywords in your websites. Because each website should have unique content, especially if similar keywords apply.

There are other ways to increase traffic to your website. You can explore them and even use techniques like link bait to make your site more search engine friendly. But you will soon realize that nothing works better to the extent of your business targeting keywords using keyword suggestion tools. Others can only be used in tandem with keywords.

You may also use the services of an SEO expert who can help you make your website search engine friendly with the help of various options. Be careful when you choose one as you wouldn’t like to waste your money on a scammer.

You may even search the web for various techniques and tricks to make your website search engine optimized. Be careful as you may get carried away and end up spending hours searching on the net.

Take care to make your website interesting and informative. At the same time use the right tools to make it search engine friendly so that you may reach your goal of a successful business.

What are your thoughts?
Do you use keyword suggestion tools when creating content?
Post your comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Keyword Suggestion Tools: Most Effective Way to Bring In Traffic

  1. Anna Rose says:

    Thanks for this blog, it’s tempting sometimes to write away and completley forget your keywords!

    My favourite keyword tool is

    • Anna you beat me to it. Almost every time I write a blog post I think about the keywords that would describe it and then do a search to see if there is any volume. I then adjust the article title accordingly to further improve my odds at search traffic.

  2. This is a very informative post. Even the so called gurus at times write their articles without doing keyword research. The truth is if you assume and do not do any research, except your site already has a lot of subscribers you won’t get any traffic.

  3. Sam online says:

    Keyword research is the cornerstone of SEO. Without doing research into keywords (etc) where do you start. You need to know your audience and using research tools will give you the first step in finding your audience. Good article.

  4. Kris Beus says:

    Keywords are a must when trying to rank well in the search engines. I use many tools myself, but I am more than willing to try the ones you suggested.

  5. Lisa@Milwaukee Movers says:

    I agree with you about Aaron Wall’s SEO Book Keyword Tool – it is essential! I always stress the use of both fathead (general) and long-tail (specific) keywords. It’s easier to obtain top rankings for less competitive keywords so selecting a combination of fathead and long tail is the way to go.

  6. I usually complete my article without using this tool though I knew the name but I think I should use Keyword tool from now as competition is growing everyday.

  7. Jim@Backpack Camping says:

    Thanks for the SEOQuake Firefox addon tip.

    I tend to start writing a post and then research keywords. I try my best to work the keywords into the post, but my main error, I believe, is not having keywords in the title.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Try it.
      As close to the start of the title as humanly possible.
      Use it in your description too and don’t forget to add a tag for the main keyword!

  8. Paul says:

    I’ve got a fairly new site that I’ve been able to rank under low-volume searches. I researched these low-volume searches before building the site, and started by going after them because I knew it would be easy to rank. Now I’m starting to worry that I should have gone after some bigger ones. Is it too late to do this on what is a mostly static site? Should add a blog or something else non-static to start working in new keywords?

    • Case Stevens says:

      No, it’s not too late.
      Static pages can do as well as blog post or better, because they’re not cluttered with comments.
      Just do your research and try the better keywords. Keep an eye on them to see how they perform. You’ll learn soon enough what works and what doesn’t.

  9. Keyword research and implementation is key but can be hard to master. The trouble is finding an accurate tool, I have many clients who rank number one for competitive terms but it only delivers a fraction of what the Google keyword tools advises.

    The longtail is were the real profit is and in my experiece longtail keywords drive 90% of traffic to the average website.


  10. Marion Brown says:

    For the keyword tool, I found that the Traffic Travs and Keyword Elite generate good keyword research, I also use compare the keywords from google keyword tool to find better long tail keyword. I had tested few other keyword tool but not that satisfactory.

  11. Ayush Agrawal says:

    Focusing keywords is certainly necessary, and using Adword keyword tool can help in adsense earnings as well. But what is more lucrative is Long-tail keywords. These can help us in getting more specific traffic.

  12. Summer says:

    The google keyword tool is what I use on a daily basis. It depends on your goals, if you want to simply build a lot of traffic, then a few short tail keywords will do nicely. If you want to sell something, then well researched long tail is the way to go.

  13. Catt Mutts says:


    Besides the tools mentioned, I do take into account Google’s “Searches related to keyword phrase” suggestion at the bottom of the search results as well as using a tilde (~keyword) search for synonyms.

  14. ome hotels says:

    keyword research & adding those keywords in your site meta content is a must one for someone who are looking to increase their site ranking for targeted keywords.although there are many keyword tools(free & paid) is available in the market but i always prefer Google keyword tools for researching relevant keywords for my niche site.

  15. marketing in london says:

    Keyword analysis and research is key to providing good foundations to build up a website’s targetted traffic and I agree with many comments on here that longtail keyword phrases are the way forward for accurate targetted traffic to your optimised web pages. I suppose which tool you use is a matter of choice, but what is of importance is the need to know that the ratio of searches to probable targeted traffic is the key factor in a successful website.

  16. Andrew Wheeler says:

    Great post – and something I try and drum into everyone that asks me the same question ‘how do I get top of Google?’… pick the right keywords!

    Did you conduct keyword research when you wrote this post? Is it getting much traffic from the SERPS?


  17. Grow Taller Naturally says:

    I can’t agree more. Keyword research is the first and most important step in internet marketing. Choosing the right keywords will significantly save your time, energy and resources. At the moment, I’m using Google Keyword Research which I think is still the best and even more, it’s free 🙂

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