Keyword Research Tools

21 keyword research tools are being reviewed after months of intensive research and analysis. And it’s a great marketing resource!

Allan Gardyne announced the report some weeks ago and now it’s finally there.
His new Projects Manager, Jay Stockwell, has completed his review of 21 major keyword research tools.

The report is extensive and contains 153 pages.
I quickly scanned it to see how it looks and I’m impressed.
Each of the 21 research tools is discussed and pro’s and con’s are mentioned.

So, if you consider buying a keyword research tool, you definitely should have this report.

Actually, anyone interested in the subject should have this, because different tools best suit different users.
In his announcement Allan writes:

“Because some of these keyword research tools were created by geeks who are better technicians than marketers, you’ve probably never heard of some of the tools Jay reviews.”


“Good keyword research is essential for…
* Niche miners
* AdSense publishers
* AdWords and other PPC advertisers
* Search engine optimizers
* Affiliates
* Directory publishers
* Portal publishers
* Ebook publishers
* Product creators

…in fact anyone who has a business on the Net or is planning to have a business on the Net.”

Remarkably Allan decided to give this report, worked at for a couple of months by an expert and thus well worth a hundred dollars and more, away for free!
That is, for the time being …..

I suggest you hurry to get your copy of Keyword Research Tools before he comes to his mind.
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