The Fundament of Joint Ventures

Setting up joint ventures is a great internet marketing strategy.
If you can leverage your partner’s assets, and she can leverage yours, then you may be able to set up a great deal.

Of course you can write your potential partners your proposition, you can email them or even get them on the phone, but will they listen?

Many times they will not, because they receive so many offers that they can be very picky. And what’s the first rule they apply when selecting a joint venture partner?
It’s the same rule anyone else uses:

All things being equal, you form joint ventures with the person(s) you like most!

It’s this old human behavior that sets the rules.

So, in joint ventures, the main question is: who do you know and who knows you?

Here’s my personal story of a joint venture event where you can get the answers to the question above.


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