Internet’s Growing Role in Making Big Decisions

Here’s a main survey conclusion that you could use in your Internet marketing strategies:

“45% of internet users, or about 60 million Americans, say that the Internet helped them make big decisions or negotiate their way through major episodes in their lives in the previous two years. “

The survey was recently conducted by The Pew Internet & American Life Project.

It shows a table of eight possible main decision events. For the five decisions that people have most likely confronted in the past two years 39% of internet users, or roughly 53 million people, said he internet played a crucial or important role in at least one of those decisions.
It’s interesting to see how the Internet influences these decision events.

Even more interesting is this. In an effort to put the internet?s role in a larger context, a series of follow-up questions were posed to these 39% of online users. The questions touched on whether they got bad information online, felt they had too much information (the famous Information Overload) and whether information found online was more important than offline information.
I found the results surprising!

I also found that an amazing 54% in the number of adults who said the internet played a major role as they helped another person cope with a major illness.

You can read the full report here.

Another survey report, conducted by the same organisation, shows that Internet penetration has now reached 73% for all American adults. Internet users note big improvements in their ability to shop and the way they pursue hobbies and personal interests online.
The report shows which population categories are online and figures are further subdivided into income categories.

The share of Americans who have broadband connections at home has now reached 42% (about 84 million), up from 29% (about 59 million) in January 2005.

Read this report here.

Interesting stuff.

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