The Revenge of the Internet Marketing Zombie

How to Wake Up and Start Marketing on the Internet

Ever feel like an Internet marketing zombie? You have your arms outstretched and you’re walking around at night with the rest of the undead chanting:

“Must have blog. Must optimize site for search engines. Must build Feedburner list. Must build AdSense-friendly pages, must bookmark social websites, must submit video to YouTube ….”

So you and every other marketer do these things because that’s what you heard you should do. You build your blogs, slap up some AdSense pages, build a list.

If you don’t make money, you don’t know how to fix it cause you don’t know what the problem is. Maybe you even tell other people things like, “blogs don’t work. Oh, and there’s no money in the list.”

If you DO make money, you’re elated… but when you try to duplicate your success you can’t quite do it.


Because you’re not aware of what really makes money-making sites work.

Consider this: good online marketers always test the different components of their campaigns, their websites, their sales letters… basically everything.

GREAT Internet marketers actually examine why the changes created different results, and then try to apply the new knowledge across their other products, services, and niches.

Asking “why” is what prompted this series of Internet Marketing Zombie posts. And the answer is that in many situations, everyone is doing what they’re told without really understanding the technique.

Now let me warn you: this series isn’t exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination…but it’s a great jumping off point to help you break out of zombie mode so you can start making money…

Stay up to date and watch out for the next “Zombie” post.

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