An Internet Marketing Strategy 5 Step Research Plan

The efficiency of the classical methods of advertising through the traditional media (Television, Radio and on Newspapers) have recently come under scrutiny by both marketers and advertising firms.

That’s because of the reduction in sales been witnessed by major business organisations who employ these marketing strategies.

And the reason for this decline can be traced to two basic points which are:

  • Technology advances: the ability of an individual to manually skip through commercials while watching his or her favourite program.
  • The internet; most people generally spend more time online surfing the net and downloading their favourite programs/songs rather than watch TV programs or listen to the radio.

The wide spread use of the internet and its ease of access is quickly replacing the traditional marketing platforms and I shall be providing practical steps on developing an online marketing strategy to grow your brand and maximize profit.

Steps a Research Plan must cover in Creating an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Step 1: Getting Found
    It has always been said by webmasters that having the best design for your website doesn’t do anything for your business as long as customers can’t find you.

    Therefore incorporating your research analysis in making your website visible with the use of search engine optimization techniques such as the use web contents, back links, paid advertising on already established websites and constant quality blog updates are techniques that provide the needed visibility and reach of your websites on search engines such as Google.

  • Step 2: Generating Leads
    Once you have accomplished the task of making your website visible on search engines, the next step involves convincing visitors to actually purchase or enlist your services.

    The use of call to action buttons, gift cards, coupons and landing pages are strategies which can be used to turn casual visitors into recurring or loyal customers. Lead generation is a marketing strategy that ensures your clients keep coming back for more as well as pass the news about your services to their friends.

  • Step 3: Customer Management
    Our third step is a well known factor by all business organisations but the factors that makes up an effective online customer management strategy can be quite obscure to the untrained eye.

    Your lead generation strategy should also focus on collecting mail addresses from visitors and then providing them with newsletters, product updates and snippets on what your business can do to make the customers life easier and cheaper for him or her.

    And for large business organisations, installing a customer management system to adequately handle numerous requests, calls and questions should also be added to direct mailing for a happy customer is one that would definitely return.

  • Step 4: Monitoring Procedures
    Analyzing the progress of your online marketing strategies to know which has the most impact and pulls in more customers is highly recommended. This can be done with the use of analytical tools such as Google analytics, SEOMOZ etc. to track the performance of the various marketing campaigns undertaking with a view to using the obtained results to maximize expenditure on marketing.

    Successful campaign strategies should be giving more prominence and allocated with more funds from the marketing budget while unsuccessful marketing campaigns should be reviewed and either revised or totally scrapped to avoid waste.

  • Step 5: Constantly Updating your Marketing Strategy
    We touched on this step briefly in step 4 where it was listed that strategies that work should be maximized while those that don’t must be revised.

    Update Your Internet Marketing Strategy
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    Constantly monitoring your internet marketing strategies and comparing them with your set goals which should be done bi-monthly to keep everyone focused on the goals of the business organisation.

Finally, going into business without a marketing plan, research plan or strategy is a recipe for failure therefore retain the services of a research analyst or go through our articles on market research and online research to get a more rounded view of internet marketing.

Purathini is a webmaster at Research Optimus. She also indulges in writing articles related to research plans & marketing strategy and Competitor data analysis.

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