5 Most Important Internet Marketing Metrics You Must Measure

Businesses that offer something to their customers online will have a variety of metrics they can measure in order to better understand the needs of their customers.

Business owners can also see the impact that their online marketing efforts are having on their business. If you want to get in tune with your customers, measuring these metrics is key.

However, just measuring them will only get you so far – you’ve also got to act on what your metrics show. If your metrics show that you’re not reaching a large enough chunk of your target audience, you need to be willing to commit the money and resources to improving your marketing efforts. The following are 5 Internet marketing metrics that you need to measure and act on in order to improve your online marketing efforts.

  1. SEO Rankings

    Whether you are targeting your audience with local Internet marketing or a wider campaign, it is essential to know the SEO ranking of your website.
    This will tell you a lot of different things, including where you are on a search of your target keywords, how your website fits with other search results and how this can be adjusted to meet your needs.

    Two aspects to this are your page rank (PR) and domain authority (DA). Most reputable websites that offer quality content and services have at least a 20 DA and 2 PR. While getting your site to this point may take some time and effort, it’s worth it.
    A few ways to achieving this is through link-building, such as guest blogging and other similar exercises. Improving your SEO rankings will drastically improve your online marketing efforts, and any SEO services you can enlist to help your business are worth the time and cost.

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  2. Opt-In Rates

    If you have a newsletter or other subscription option for your customers, it is important to know how many people are opting in to the program. This will allow you to create a general customer profile of the people most likely to be interested and benefit from this opt-in process.

    You can also use this information to send out discount information, coupons, and other promotional incentives. You also want to make sure that you’re creating quality content for your subscription; don’t just send your customers spam. This is an annoying and completely useless tactic.

    Take the time to tailor each newsletter to your customers’ needs, and to include content that will help your customers and bring business back to your site.

  3. Opt-Out Rates

    Alternatively, the opt-out rates are just as important to watch. If you have a ton of people signing up and then turning around and opting out again, it means that your approach once they are signed up is not what they were expecting.
    Often, opt-outs happen to businesses that are not providing interesting information in their emails or are simply sending too many per week.

  4. Bounce Rates

    A bounce is when visitors to your site leave on the same page as they entered, which means that they probably weren’t interested in what you have to offer them.
    If your bounce rates are high on a particular page, you may not want to promote that page as the visitor’s starting point. If your bounce rates are high across all your pages, you may want to consider a serious design and content overhaul to meet your visitors’ needs.

    Once again, design is another area of online marketing that you can’t afford to skimp out on. That doesn’t mean that you need to spend inordinate amounts of money on designing your site, but it means that you need to put enough effort into the design that customers are impressed when they visit your site. Simple approaches, such as the one that Apple and Microsoft take on their product pages, are oftentimes the most successful.

  5. Return on Investment with Paid Advertising

    The last metric that is essential to know when creating advertising campaigns is your return on investment (ROI). This will tell you the value that you received from your paid advertising efforts.
    If you ROI is low, you will want to make sure to look carefully at that campaign to see what you can improve on the next one. Obviously, spending more money than you make from your advertising efforts is only going to harm your business.

These are just some of the Internet marketing metrics available. There are many more that can be tailored to your business to best suit your advertising needs.

Make sure to explore all your options when you decide to revamp your online marketing efforts. Leave no stone unturned, and expend a reasonable amount of effort and resources into making your brand reputable, and something that your customers will gladly refer to the friends and family in the future.

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