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Understanding what makes it click is by far the best method to get into a million-dollar industry. One such industry is the Internet marketing niche, although, due to its size, you may doubt if it’s a niche. Yet Internet marketing still provides a literally inexhaustible amount of options to generate online income and an great career in self employment.

However, again due to its size, there are numerous activities related to internet marketing, so you carefully have to break down the niche if you want to come up with a feasible internet marketing idea. Let’s see if we can come up with some great thoughts.

Internet marketing niches
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Start with your own expertise or interests
By far, the best (internet marketing) business is one that you don’t exactly experience as real work, but rather as fun and easy to do. Something you genuinely enjoy and love doing. Follow the kind that you feel most comfortable in and that you truly want to get into.

An affiliate marketing business (as a merchant) may not be right for you if you lack the patience to train other people or if you do not want to build a business based on membership. If that’s the case, you won’t find a workable internet marketing idea here. Toy with the type of business you DO want to build up, the sort you can really excel in. If you do that, you will also have a jolly good idea of which products or services you can offer in your internet marketing business.

Concentrate on the specifics
Many industries offer too broad products or services to be effective for a internet marketing idea. Just try a simple keyword search online to see what types of results you will come up with and if you can narrow it down to a more specific business.

Suppose you want to sell gift baskets as an internet marketing business. Doing some research, you will soon find out that there are many related businesses within your vicinity alone. You HAVE to be more specific to stand out and compete. Zero in on a more definite product line or service, instead of coming up with such a generic internet marketing idea.

Follow the Trends
Examining trends can be helpful if you know how to interpret market behaviors. Or if you just want an idea of what types of changes are currently occurring. It also shows you which products or services have turned out to be the most successful and profitable.

Most trends are very easy to find in industry specific web news. Maybe you already have a distinct industry in mind and to start your business you only need one specific internet marketing idea. By watching new successful shifts in the industry, you’re much more expected to come up with an idea that will suit your interest.
Which makes trends an outstanding source for your internet marketing ideas.

Visit online forums, discussion boards and newsgroups
That’s typically where new issues and trends are discussed. For example affiliate marketers will discuss concerns concerning their industry. Have you seen the Clickbank click-through versus sales discussions lately? If you frequently visit these forums, it will be a snap to find the trends that are currently prevalent.

Be careful though, don’t expect numerous objective news here. Most of the posts just express personal opinions. On the other hand, you’ll quickly learn what other internet marketers are thinking, saying and doing. Thus you’ll quickly get necessary information about products, services, resources and related software.
Which makes these sites excellent sources for ideas.

So there are many sources where you can get excellent Internet marketing ideas. And here’s another one.
Only last week I re-read “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online”. It’s choked with outstanding ideas that are easy to understand and surprisingly easy to implement.
If you’re looking for new ideas, I suggest you’ll get your copy right now.

Let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Looking for Internet Marketing Ideas?

  1. Online marketing says:

    If a niche, does not exist create it! An example niche marketing for pets is saturated but for pet hermit crabs is probably not…

  2. Marketing Minefield says:

    The Affiliates4u forum is also a great place to visit when looking for internet marketing ideas. I’d say that affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to start earning money online. There’s a lot of good general advice in that forum and often you can get a feel for what may work simply by checking out the affiliate sites in people’s forum signatures.

  3. John says:

    I agree. If you go into an internet marketing business on a topic you aren’t passionate about you’ll very unhappy. At least, for the most part. If you are a well-seasoned marketer it can be different because you have some skills under your belt. But for most people, there first few times around I’ve found it best to stick with something you love. This way you won’t want to quit when old man “procrastination” tries to pay you a visit.

    I personally never create and sell a product or service unless I know there are other like-products and/or services being sold successfully already like mine to my market. For example, in the internet marketing niche, there are tons of courses and training ebooks about how to generate traffic to your website. So it’s only natural for me to start out selling or promoting offers that deal with traffic.

    But there’s plently of ideas out there and nobody can tell you the best one but you. Start asking yourself what you’re really good at and you’ll find the Internet marketing business idea that’s right for you. That’s been my experience.

  4. Rick says:

    I think what tends to happen to beginners is they start with great enthusiasm then get overwhelmed because it is such as wide “niche” and there is so much to learn. This results in just giving up.

    Setting a goal of just $100 per day is obtainable. “20 ways to make $100 per day” is a great way to start. Once you get that rolling, you can build to bigger things.

    -Rick, Consultant: Government Grants

  5. Commodities Books says:

    I think you already know about power of internet marketing, so i’m very disjointed when in your article you forgot one of the most well know method in e-marketing. That’s SEO (search engine optimization), it can bring you a lot of traffic to your business website.

  6. Mogul says:

    Just thought I’d comment and point out how valuable Google trends http://www.google.com/trends/ is for identifying and capitalizing on trends in markets.

  7. Data Recovery says:

    There’s a lot of good general advice in that forum and often you can get a feel for what may work simply by checking out the affiliate sites in people’s forum signatures.

  8. Bold says:

    I strongly support the last tip, communicating with people, with your potential customers can help you better understand their needs, their requirements and thus be closer to them and eventually more competitive. So creating your own blog or forum would be helpful as well as participating in forum discussions.

  9. Online marketing says:

    I agree with Rick somewhat, mainly cause it happens to me. I have a personal blog that I am trying to flesh out and get some ranking for. I got into it at first and really started to hammer it out, then I lost interest cause everything was so new to me and I was learning a lot at once. Once I was able to learn WP, my server, and general things, I got more into it. I was able to enjoy it more. If you can learn about internet marketing, then make informed decisions, you will be successful in internet marketing.

  10. Nolan@Cold Reading Techniques says:

    I still think Internet Marketing is the best field to get in to if you want to make money online.

    You’ll often hear “experts” say the internet marketing field is flooded and not to get started in it, but with new technologies and new ideas being developed all the time (Twitter is a recent one), there will always be enough room to carve out some sort of niche.

    As long as one comes up with original ideas and NOT follow what everyone else is doing, they’re will always be a way to make money online.


  11. This is a great list but I’m wondering where you can find some trends to exploit via your marketing efforts. Some are very obvious like Twitter, it can be used very effectively for marketing and also for generating traffic.

    Any suggestions on identifying or finding that next best trend?

  12. I agree that it is important for website owners to realize that they should go after a focused market rather than trying to get ranked for everything, especially when starting a new website. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll get mediocre results across a few topics instead of establishing yourself as a great resource on one topic and gaining the trust of Google and users.


  13. Ryan Reyes says:

    As everyone knows, internet marketing is all about fresh ideas and ambitious approaches. This one has definitely caught my eye. Check it out if you’re interested.


  14. Internet Marketing Agency says:

    I agree with Einstein Industries. Many of our client’s initial reaction to SEO is to create a landing page for every term that applies to their business. The clients that agree to let us help them concentrate on 3-5 keyword phrases initially often experience the most success.

    The other piece of the puzzle is design. You can attract a visitor with SEO, but you get them to click with design. You really can’t forget about this piece of the experience during a campaign.

  15. it is much easier to market a product or service that you are experienced in. a common mistake with web marketers.

  16. Kampanye Damai 2009 says:

    I personally never create and sell a product or service unless I know there are other like-products and/or services being sold successfully already like mine to my market. For example, in the internet marketing niche, there are tons of courses and training ebooks about how to generate traffic to your website. So it’s only natural for me to start out selling or promoting offers that deal with traffic.


  17. Variable Annuities says:

    Great post and valuable tips.
    I totally agree that what makes a successful marketeer is his passion towards his job, and his focus on understanding what his target niche needs, through social media, forums, blogs and discussion groups to develop the best market orientated product and marketing plan

  18. Bob Sloan says:

    Its really about hard work and not giving up. Imagine u are not making any real money. maybe continuing just a few weeks more will do the difference. You should also consider if your the type that wants to stick to more solid long term possibilities, or follow short term trends.

  19. Curveball says:

    That is an outstanding article with sound advice. I have found that you do have to have a niche within a niche. You also have to thouroughly enjoy what you do and have to a great knowledge of what you choose to do for your internet business. Why? there is a lot of writing involved if you want to be effective; although you can hire out for that, still having a passion for it counts. You will probably not last long if you aren’t passionate about your business.

  20. non chexsystems banks says:

    Entering a business is not easy as other people think. Specially in Internet Marketing.
    You must know what you are getting into and must love what you are doing in order to succeed. Great article. Very informative specially for people who are new to Internet marketing.


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