How Effective is the Internet Marketing Industry in Meeting Customer Needs?

Will you trust me if I say that ‘Marketing’ was an alarming phobia few years back till the Internet marketing vehemence was spread through the masses?

I hear a fervent ‘Yes’ from you as Internet marketing has its roots spread across the world with its lucrative, speedy, cost-effective and world-class services globally. Is Internet marketing really effectual in meeting customer needs and fulfilling your business objectives?

Analyzing Internet marketing’s efficacy in serving the purpose on par with its various channels will give you a clear picture.

A ubiquitous website:
The best way for marketing your products or services is focusing your attention on setting up a user-friendly and dedicated website for your business.

Nothing can speak like your website to your target group and fulfill all kinds of customer needs as your website will have everything expected by your customer in it. It shares manifold vital information like who you are, what kind of business you run, who are your clients and customers, what kind of services and products you offer, testimonials received from your existing clientèle, business portfolio and the best way to contact your business with a simple ‘request for quote’ column.

When the entire world is revolutionized to the use of Internet, any business without an online presence cannot survive the heat of its competitors.

Promising Search Engine Marketing:
Even your expertly designed website can fail but for a capable search engine marketing technique.

Only when your website is optimized for the popular search engines, they can obtain high rankings and get listed in the top pages. The websites that appear on the top pages have higher chances of acquiring customer visibility and drives traffic to your website.
The end user performs a search in the Internet looking for a specific product or service and mostly uses the business websites that are listed in the top pages.

Social Media Marketing:
Marketing through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pin It, Google+ and many more have quicker reach than the other Internet marketing channels.
This is because it builds a personal bonding with the ultimate customers who tend to share it with numerous people in their network with just a single click. So the needs of your customers are addressed at their favorite social networking channels and create an opportunity for your business to grab more potential customers at a faster pace than you think.

Business blogs and other online forums:
A business blog set up exclusively for your company can do a handful of wonders like benefiting and educating your end users with the relevant information, connecting to your company website, sharing through social media channels and inviting comments and feedbacks from your existing patrons.

Publishing on other online forums where more of your target group is concentrated is also an interesting idea to attend to your customer’s specific requirements at their ease. Advertising through Google Ads and using Pay Per Click campaigns have also been proved effective.


Marketing through the web does not irritate the customers as Internet has grown as a mighty source for searching the necessary information about any essential products or services and it is at this special time your marketing efforts quench the thirst and put a full stop to the customer’s search mechanism by being more responsive, user-friendly, communicative and flexible.

Brian Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix SEO in Portland, OR, offering custom SEO services like website monitoring services, website analysis and reporting services at affordable prices.

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3 thoughts on “How Effective is the Internet Marketing Industry in Meeting Customer Needs?

  1. Ryan Cote says:

    Writing relevant articles for certain websites is another way to bring more attention to your business. There are several that allow link building within the content. The articles should pertain to current market trends or what people searching for your type of business are trying to find out. It is also a great way to become a valuable resource over time, which is excellent word-of-mouth.

  2. Web says:

    Internet marketing is one of the important mehtods of marketing for today. It greatly helps to share information regarding the products and services offered in an organisation. You can form an attractive and user friendly website to attract the visitors. you have to optimize the sites on to different search engine for the purpose of targeting audience. Another way you can get traffic is you can write blogs regarding various ideas techniques and products and services if you are an entity this will build a good strong relationship with the public, as you will get suggestions regarding improvements on the blog from public which will help you to know their likes and dislikes and to serve them better.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    You’re right Tom.
    Most people create a product, a great one so they think, and then try to find a market for it. Wrong way!

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