Internet Marketing Issues You May Have Forgotten

For lots of people, Internet marketing only means finding and sending traffic to a website. Big mistake!

And how many so called Internet marketers create a product they fall in love with, only to discover that it doesn’t sell because there’s no market for it?

Below is a guest post from Arba Hana showing a few issues that absolutely belong to the Internet marketing field, but are often forgotten.

Listen up, some great advice is given here.
Here’s Arba.


Internet Marketing and things you mistakenly believe were not a part of it

Slowly but surely, internet marketing firms and online businesses are catching up with the fact that internet marketing is not all about drawing lots and lots of traffic to your website.
In fact, that’s not even half of what an online business should expect from an internet marketing firm (or their in-house marketing team for that matter).

Internet Marketing
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To get a better idea of the job of a marketer, let’s consider the responsibilities of the marketers in the real world … does their job starts and ends at bringing in lots of visitors to the store, even if more than half of those visitors will turn away and leave instantaneously.

Would you be happy with a marketing plan that delivers nothing but some random visitors to your stores? Would your business flourish with such a plan?

And more importantly will your business be able to survive with such marketing priorities? The answer to all of these questions is of course, a big ‘No’.

It’s time that any business looking to achieve, even the minimal level of success at cyber world should get its priorities straight. Business owners and more importantly those who are in charge of the marketing needs to realize that there are many factors which are equally (and even more) important than the traffic or good rankings alone.

Let’s discuss all of these factors one by one.

It’s hard to tell exactly how and when traffic became the ultimate goal of Internet marketing of online businesses.
It’s not that anybody can deny the importance of traffic, but the ultimate goal of an online business, just like any other business is to make profits and hardly any business can profit from mere visits (except maybe those MFA websites but even they need to entice visitors to click on the advertisements).

Many would claim that more traffic will automatically transpire into more sales, which is partially true, but there’s a lot you can achieve by focusing more on the conversion side, especially if 98 out of every 100 visitors leave without even reaching the sales page.

A competent website marketer should be able to create a funnel that leads to the sales page, and ultimately ends at the visitor making a sale. If the majority of the visitors are leaving in between, the marketer should be able to decipher the reasons and fix them.

Research and Product Development:
Many businesses hire internet marketers, after they have completed the work on product development, which is quite odd, because research and product development is primarily a job of marketing department, and it shouldn’t be carried out without taking their input.

That is precisely the reason why we see so many obsolete business models being tried on regular basis.
If only these businesses have consulted an adroit marketer, they would know that this particular business model has next to no chance of getting any kind of success.

The thing is that basics of online markets are pretty much the same, but it does have slightly different nuts and bolts, and somebody who has been keeping a keen eye on the market for years, is certainly more apt to foretell the scope of an idea.
Internet marketers, with all their experience can give valuable input, concerning the demand or feasibility of that particular product.

Customer Service:
Customers are naturally more vulnerable while buying a product or service online, which means ‘customer service’ is even more important in case of an online store as compared to a brick and mortar store, still many online businesses fail to deliver satisfactory customer service and that includes some very big names.

It absolutely puzzles me when I send a simple inquiry to an online business, and gets a reply after 4, 5 days. Makes me think if there’s anything more imperative for a business than to attend their customers?

Remember that I am talking about serious sales related inquiries.
And customer service is not limited to just responding to queries, the internet marketers also need to be good at customer retention, follow ups, lead generation, getting the feedback, and all.

So, is your Internet marketing firm (or in-house marketing team) capable to take on all these jobs? Or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes by the hogwash like directory submission or social book marking?

Arba is a business development expert by profession. Currently, she’s working for Marriott timeshare sales and buy a wyndham timeshare

What’s your take on these Internet marketing issues?
Post your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Issues You May Have Forgotten

  1. Case Stevens says:

    I wonder, did you read the article?

  2. Max Polanski says:

    A lot of what you said is true, including that traffic is not the only important thing, but getting a high conversion rate is too. But it’s kinda obvious. For early IMers traffic is the most important thing though, since if no one goes to your site, you don’t even need to worry about conversion. But since you have an establsihed site I can see that traffic is not a problem for YOU. Anyways, nice article! 🙂

  3. Richard Hill says:

    I’m sort of old fashioned – years in direct marketing, converting to mainly internet marketing in 1999.

    It’s really good to see the points about conversion, poor business models and customer service are well made.

    I have always found that quality of traffic is more important than quantity. The web is not that different and the direct marketing basics of list first (target) then offer then product and then creative still apply.

  4. Steve Balliett says:

    I can appreciate what you are saying about customer service.

    I did hard core cold calling for years to brick and mortar businesses.

    Customers need to feel you care about them. They are not just a credit card.

    They should always receive the highest quality in service and products they buy. And believe that they got the best for their buck.

  5. Pau says:

    Many times some clients I have ask me for the keywords that have more visits, but most of the times, this is an error.
    I prefer a keyword with fewer visits but with a better definition of the product or service, so I can get this way a higher percentage of sales

  6. Doug says:

    Relying simply on driving traffic to a site at any cost is a huge mistake. What any website needs is quality relevant traffic followed by a website that focuses on converting that traffic. I am always amazed just how often I see paid for google advertising for a product show up on a website totally unrelated to the actual product.

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