What Keeps Most Internet Marketers Poor

Thousands and thousands of Internet marketers are making the same mistake, over and over again.

I see it committed daily. It’s not the product that causes this problem. Oh no, most of them promote a rather good product.

And their credibility isn’t the problem neither. Most of these Internet marketers have all the validation factors needed to seal the deal on a sale.

No, their main problem is…

…that they operate in a jam-pawncked market and that they’re fenced in by thousands of other Internet marketers who offer the exact same services or the exact same products.

Internet marketers fenced!
Photo Credit: Tobyotter

And not only that, they also offer them in the exact same way!

Put differently, their selling communications scream “Me Too!”

That’s not the right way to sell on the Internet.You just have to stand out in order to make sales online (as well as offline for that mattter!).
One way or another, you must separate yourself from the flocks of other marketeers who are trying to go after your clients to get money that should be yours. Looking around at what other Internet marketers are doing, and then do exactly the same thing is the precise way you won’t stand out.

In marketing there’s a saying that applies equally well online: rather than to be better, it’s better to be first. If you aren’t established as the dominate source for a product or service you’re selling on the Internet, it will be exceedingly tough for you to actually attract your buyers’ attention.

So if you want to learn anything from this article it should be this: if you’re not first in your category, create a new category to be first in.
Amelia Erhardt wasn’t the first person to fly across the Atlantic. However, she was the first woman who accomplished this.

Try to create a category that you can be first in and supply to the market segment that best lines up with that category.

Personalizing your communications is a second way to really jump out.
If I were trying to get your attention in a crowd of people for example, I would cry out your name. It’s easier to get your visitor’s attention if you go more vertical in a market. For instance, you could
target golfers on the West Coast instead of targeting golfers only.

Or instead of targeting golfers on the West Coast, you could target golfers in the state of California who earn over $100,000 a year.
This will enable you to really perfect your marketing message into this very particular group of people, and more easily capture their attention, which will in turn close more sales.

Finally, once the sales start rolling in it’s of the utmost importance to set up backend products in order to get the money really rolling. First time buyers are your best customers and the real money is made at the backend.
If you’re not familiar with that phenomena, or want to make more backend profits from your existing customers check out Backend Power.

Meanwhile let me know your opinion.
Post your comments below.

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30 thoughts on “What Keeps Most Internet Marketers Poor

  1. Telemarketing says:

    Operating in a jam-pawncked market will surely make your business bankrupt. I agree that this is one major reason why some internet marketers looses their businesses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is indeed a good strategy. I think most of these “internet marketers” are not really “marketers” per se. Some of them are just jumping on the bandwagon and there are no proper marketing plans and such for their online business.

  3. alex says:

    Great post.
    Too many people just tries to copy what has already been by thousands of other marketers.
    there is need to think outside the box to be succesfull in a competitive market

  4. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    I agree with you Case. There are a lot of sellers online selling the exact same thing. I’d rather sell a low-cost product that I created myself and unique rather than a more expensive, higher potential profit, that being sold by a lot of people.



  5. James says:

    I have never thought of selling something I have created online before.

    You have given me literally hours, days, weeks and months of brainstorming to do.

    I am so excited at the thought.

  6. Awesome Case,

    That Is a Great Read, Really right on Point. Being
    first to cut through the forest and leaving a path
    of How To Do the Right Thing. That Song is really
    Evergreen, its still good everyday that our ears
    are opened to sound wisdom. Its all good,
    Thank You!

  7. Steve says:

    In such a saturated market, it is very difficult to come up with something original, especcially when we are all ultimately offering the same thing.

    The benefit I find, is that there are so many companies out there making cold calls and so many who really don’t know what they are doing, that when a potential customer finds me, talks to me, and realizes that I’m actually in the UK, they are quite happy to work with me. So regional search becomes a key once again

  8. You are absolutely right. In this competitive environment, we have to differentiate ourselves in order to attract attention and this could be the reason why people should buy from us.

  9. I see your point and although you’re right, it’s hard to find an area where you are the first, because there are other millions of people who try to be original and creative. I would say that if you don’t succeed to be creative that position your business in an area with less competition, a more specialized niche.

  10. Louis says:

    Great post. People forget how huge the internet is, and often that means your original idea might not be all that original. The same principle applies for choosing SEO keywords too. A quick google search shows that it would be a lot harder to get to #1 for, say, “dog collars” than for “embroidered tie-dyed dog collars”.

  11. I think it’s ok to offer the same products as others are offering, you just have to be unique in how you promote it.

    But it’s even more than that, there’s a huge trust factor that goes along with that. Those that I’m promoting to have to have faith in me that I know what I’m talking about and have enough experience with a product to not only know it’s a good one but know that it’s able to fill ‘their’ needs as well. Good advice though 🙂

  12. Kiscope.com says:

    Great article. It’s kind of a slap in the face when you realize that your marketing firm is offering the exact same thing as the next marketing firm. Specifically on social media, many people turn to the more popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but a lot of agencies are missing the hundreds of other online communities they could be putting their clients in for free, and giving them relevant exposure.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This article is really informative. I found it interesting because it discusses internet marketing. I learned that we have to establish the product first. Just like an early bird catches the worm. And there is no possibility to stand out if we just follow the techniques of others. Be creative.

  14. Andrew Smith says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s essential if you’re tackling a competitive niche that you add your spin on what’s being sold – your unique selling point that adds more value and a unique/great reason to buy a product/service, from you, which is also available elsewhere. And not to forget, how important it is to try and find an untapped niche in the first place! Great post.

  15. I have also noticed there is a lot of me too-ers out there in the popular/nearly saturated markets.

    In addition to reaching out to smaller niches within a niche and increasing communication between oneself and the target market, are there other ways to stand out from the crowd?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is really true that internet marketers are now growing in numbers tremendously, selling the same products and promoting their product the same way. I believe in order to survive in this crowded market, we should be creative and be unique.

  17. Case Stevens says:

    EXCELLENT points you make there Matthew.

  18. Susannah says:

    Thanks for this interesting article. I especially like the point that your marketing efforts should be personalized. I would add that your marketing copy should be written in a style that appeals to your target market. If you’re writing for accountants, as I do, you want to grab their attention but keep a professional tone.

  19. Jenna says:

    Yes – how true! The internet is huge but if you specialize in something you are truly passionate about and let it show on your web site and your newsletter/ emails you will draw visitors and customers to you.
    I think we are all socialized to be the same and fit in and not stand out too much.
    On the internet you need to stand out to be seen!
    The internet is a place to be yourself, offer something different, and be unique – stand out in the crowd and you will be rewarded.
    This is hard for many of us to do as you are always taught to just try to fit in!

  20. Anonymous says:

    yeah! when your market is competitive you need to have a competitive advantage to survive and excel. something that sets you apart from your competitors. secondly, how well you promote your competitive advantage, how well you present it before your target audience. These two factors decide you success in online marketing or offline.

  21. Beth says:

    When you sell something — online or offline — you need to make your offer and the way you present it UNIQUE. A USP is very important to any business. There are too many new businesses out there that all sell the same item the same way. When you do that, its a rat race to the finish. When you change the way you market something and you add more value or a unique offer to the same item, your item will stick out. Make your offer unique. They can’t compare apples to apples when you are clearly an orange. 😛

  22. Great article on internet marketing and I totally agree. If you’re not offering something of real value to your potential customers, they have no reason to buy from you.

    The second point is to test, test and test everything to make sure you are offering the best value you can.

    Rebecca Habel

  23. Matt says:

    I like the flying across the Atlantic analogy. It’s so true, you have to stand out to make it in this game and really know which customers you want to target and work hard to achieve this. Great post!

  24. Andrej says:

    When newbie starts doing internet marketing, the first step is to be a follower. He follows successfull business models. And he hardly suceed, because of competition. If he doesn’t give up, he starts thinking “How can I do it better”. And he learns and learns. Nobody didn’t start successfull internet business over night. It’s a process, you should UNDERSTAND the business, you can’t just read a few tutorials and become a star.

  25. Case Stevens says:

    That’s some great self critique to start with.
    Another improvement would be to build a blog on your own domain, instead of having all these links point to blogspot.

  26. Graeme says:

    A really interesting point. Online marketing has really kicked off over the last few years and it is hard to stand out amongst the crowd. I think you need to treat yourself as a client and use that perspective to understand how to promote yourself

  27. Ben says:

    This article is both informative and worrying. We can’t all have the novel, original idea, and as such are forced to market in populous areas. There is room for the individual, and I don’t think we should decry the mediocre, as it forms the background for others to stand out.

  28. I believe a proper plan or strategy is very important before you jump into internet marketing. Else there are maximum chances of failure.


  29. Case Stevens says:

    Danke schön

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