A Winning Internet Business Marketing Plan

A great internet business marketing plan will probably be one of your most important assets to be successful with Internet marketing.

It will be very hard to succeed online without any plan. A bad plan almost certainly will lead to failure with your online business.

Only a solid plan will lead to success.
So, let’s discuss how to set up a winning internet business marketing plan.

While developing such a winning internet business marketing plan, first thing you’ll need to do is set your goals. They make up the frame work of your marketing plan.

Therefore, you should start with setting your long term goal. That’s what you plan to achieve in a year or even in a couple of years from now.

Achieve your online business goals
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Personally, I think a great long term goal is to sell your online venture in the long run. That means that you will always see it as a business instead of a possible marriage. It’s just a thing, an asset. Nothing else.

If that’s your ultimate long term goal, then achieving the best results with your online venture will lead to the best price. So, the next long term goals, derived from the main one, are about achieving a great turnover in the set period.

Suppose you want to sell your online business in three years from now. And suppose you want to make one hundred thousand dollars from it. To achieve that, you have to make at least $10.000 a month by that time.

The question then is, how do you reach that point? Therefore you need to think about smaller goals you’ll need to reach in order to reach your ultimate goal.

You may want to create some products to sell. What kind of products? How to research your markets? How to price your products. Low or high ticket items? How much do you want each product to make?

And you may want to to run a membership site. Let’s say you want 500 members to pay you $20 a month. You will then need to set the smaller goal to have 175 members by the end of year 1 and then 350 members by the end of year 2. Another smaller goal you have to set is getting your website up and running within a month.

Mind you, these figures are just an example. Reality can be quite different!

With all these smaller goals at hand, you can now write your internet business marketing plan. You want to make it as detailed as possible, ending up with a weekly schedule of tasks at hand and a daily to-do list. This will give you very helpful direction.

Once your plan is established, be prepared to change it as you go. If you feel parts don’t work all right or find better methods to achieve your small goals, tweak your plan or even completely overhaul it.

When writing their internet business marketing plan, one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not to include enough detals. You therefore must make sure that your plans are very detailed.
Include all the steps you will need to take to end up with an exact list of steps you need to do each and every day.

Like setting up some social networking sites in support of your membership site discussed above. For instance, your plan may include setting up a Facebook and a Squidoo account. More specifically, you plan setting up one for one morning and the other for the afternoon.

Then continue to include the specifics for how many lenses you will create on Squidoo and what each page will contain. Similar to that, describe what you will add to your Facebook fan page.

That’s how you create a winning internet business marketing plan.
Remember, to be successful with Internet Marketing, you absolutely need a plan.
A detailed one that will straightaway lead you to online success. Therefore, make sure you follow the advice outlined above.

So, what are your thoughts about creating an internet business marketing plan?
Post your ideas below.

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7 thoughts on “A Winning Internet Business Marketing Plan

  1. Welly Muliia says:

    Hi Case,

    Nice tips you got there.

    Indeed, one needs to have a marketing plan in order to succeed. I tend to advise people who are just getting started to create a VERY SIMPLE plan first to get things going. This will prevent action paralysis. Once they have achieved the basic goals that they have set to achieve, then they can expand their plan.

    Welly Mulia

  2. Leslie says:

    I agree with your very well thought out points. The end goal is very important. It does provide a road map of where to go, like a mission statement. I’ve heard it called “exit strategy”. It’s also key to determine a focus and not get side-tracked chasing the next “how to get rich” product.

  3. Leslie says:

    Valuable information for getting started. The end goal is vital to success. It’s like a mission statement, telling all where they are going with you. I’ve heard it called an “exit strategy” so you know where you are going.

    It is also important to include a focus plan. This enables you to not get lost in the infinite time warp of chasing the next “how to make gazillions on the internet” article or ebook. Write a good plan and follow it.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Great article!
    I do agree 100% that it is very importan to make a “plan” for now and for the future. ive missed that in the beginning. Nowadays its very modern to start up an online business but very few know how much effort it takes to make it take of!
    Have bookmarked this blogg now! /Alex

  5. Operating without a business marketing plan is like walking into a busy intersection blindfolded: you’d be setting yourself up for failure.

    A marketing plan is very useful not only as a guideline for your business, but going through the process of creating your plan is going to force you to think and brainstorm and plan for the future.

  6. Sparky says:

    I am currently in transition from being a full time engineer to trying to grow my blog full time. The number one thing my out-placement consultant suggested is DEVELOP A MARKETING PLAN.

    I have to say this article is solid advice from my experience. Every time I set specific goals and put them on my calendar as this article suggest, I was able to accomplish what I needed.

    I have the best results setting monthly goals on the first of the month and then setting my calendar up Sunday night each week by dividing my monthly goals up as evenly as I can.

    Whenever I didn’t do this, traffic went down! 🙁

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