4 Ways to Interact with Your Readers

If you attempt to interact with your readers, chances are they keep coming back to express their opinions and to read more.
Eventually they will be involved in your blog, making it sticky. That turns your site into an active community and that’s what you want to achieve.

The question is, of course, how to interact with your readers in such a way that they will keep coming back?

That’s where Patricia Garza comes in with today’s guest post.
Discover her ways to create an avid readership.


As bloggers, we know how important it is to hold a conversation with others.
After all, that’s what blogging is really about: creating a community of fellow readers and bloggers who are all eager to discuss their shared interests.

Active blogging communities thrive, while those that are not very active tend to dry up after a few months.

If you’d like to have your blog be an active community, then you should make an effort to directly interact with your readers.
Of course, this comes after you produce excellent content; without good content, your blog won’t have good readers. But once they show up, you should do your best to greet them.

  1. Respond to Comments
    Perhaps the most basic reader-friendly policy is that bloggers should always respond to comments on their own blog posts.

    interact with your readers
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    This pretty much goes without saying, and yet I’m always surprised by how many comments go unanswered by busy bloggers. You don’t have to write in depth responses to every commenter; however, it really helps your cause if you acknowledge each commenter’s presence.

    Eventually you’ll build a rapport with your commenting community.

  2. Solicit Guest Posts
    Once you have a sense of which commenters you especially like, you can solicit guest posts from them.
    Sure, it’s a good policy to accept guest posts in general; however, you should also actively seek out commenters who you think could contribute something to your site.

    Contact them and see if they’d be willing to send in an article or two every few months. You get fresh content and another perspective, and you also show that you’re willing to reach out to your readers.

  3. Ask Your Readers What You Should Blog About
    Another great way to reach out to your readers is to ask them what they’d like to see covered on your blog. By doing this, you can give them some indirect involvement, and they’ll feel like they are a part of something bigger.

    You can ask them to suggest a topic to focus on for a week, or you can ask them for more specifics, like who to solicit for a blog interview or another feature like that.
    However, be aware that if you do open this up, you’ll want to follow through on it. If you ask for advice and then ignore it, you could damage the relationship that you have with your readers.

  4. Offer Prizes and Other Incentives
    Finally, you can entice your readers with prizes and other incentives, such as free advertising, by using contests and other features that further involve them in your blog.
    You’ll want to find a way to give away these prizes and so on so that you don’t suffer the expense.

    At the same time, you want to give away good prizes. Your readers will be more than happy to keep checking on the blog and visiting for the next contest. You can also use the contest to get something in return, such as a handful of interesting blog posts or other content that you can use.

This guest post is contributed by Patricia Garza, who writes about gadget, technology, design, social media, e-learning related articles at online university rankings.

So, how do you interact with your readers?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Interact with Your Readers

  1. Des says:

    Interacting with readers is an art to be mastered by the blogger.And in this post-Google Panda world, content is king. What actually impressed me was the fact that you emphasized on expectations of the readers, what it is that they expect from the blog. That, I believe is the most important factor determining readership.
    Thanks for the brilliant advice!

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