Facebook for a Business – 7: Interact with friends and fans

It’s important to interact with friends and fans the right way.

Let’s discuss that topic today, because it’s important for your Facebook for a business strategy.

While most people online are aware of proper Netiquette to some degree, the start and evolution of social networks like Facebook have taken the whole issue to another level.

You should always realize that the internet shapes society.
To a lot of people it even means a social network can make or break relationships. From parents trying to befriend their children and people finding out about their partner’s affair to employees ranting about their bosses.

So, before using any Facebook application, study it carefully. New rules apply here.

Here are some important issues to realize when you interact with your Facebook friends and fans, more so if you’re using it professionally.

  • Keep private what needs to be private

    This is the primary rule Facebook – or any other social network – users forget, as ridiculous as it may sound.

    While the ‘voyeurism sensation’ and the real time interaction is highly tempting, you should realize that publishing private issues have a tendency to backfire sooner or later.

    Others can easily misunderstand a bitchy comment that only was supposed to be an inside joke between friends. And you definitely wouldn’t want your clients to see you puke on your weekly Late-Saturday night adventures.

    Point is, the Internet is eternal.
    (Well, maybe not, but time travels fast online 🙂 ).
    Professional contacts may stumble upon these private matters in the future and if your private life is an open book, having to explain these affairs over and over again may get terribly complicated.

  • Stop publishing those game updates now

    If you’re on Facebook for business, getting those untidy game updates will tend to annoy your prospects.

    Remember that you can turn publication of these updates off. What may seem fun to you, may seem far to juvenile to others.
    When you’re trying to build up solid credibility online, you should avoid things like this at all times.

  • Stop unnecessary (text) posting

    ‘TY 4 yr ordA. mch appreci8d’ just doesn’t fit in your business strategy.
    You have a functioning keyboard at your disposal, containing all the characters necessary to create nice posts. Also there’s no limitation in characters, so USE that keyboard.

    Text posting is a bit too frivolous for many people. It can harm your online business. Not to speak of drunk posting and gibberish or vague posts.

    And please stop posting just for the sake of posting. Sure, you have your rights to your own piece of cyberspace, but these matters have a trend to terribly annoy other people in the long run. That’s not exactly the sentiment you want to conjure up in people.

  • Choose your Contacts Well

    Facebook maintains a 5,000 contacts limit. Therefore you shouldn’t be too trigger happy and reward the friend requests for those who you think really deserve your approval.

    Direct contacts can be accepted right away. Do a bit of research about other contacts and make sure they deserve it. Un-friending contacts later on is a nasty matter.

    Finally, remember that all news and information posted will appear on the wall of all of your contacts. Even their contacts will have the chance to see it. Don’t make many mistakes here.

Well, that’s how to interact with friends and fans. More information is available here.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We are going to talk about using Facebook to provide value to your prospects and customers.

Meanwhile post your comments below.
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5 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 7: Interact with friends and fans

  1. Darren G says:

    I truely believe that Facebook is resposible for quite afew divorces and break ups. I can put a perfectly innocent comment on there and can quite easily upset another family member without meaning to. Already had me in a couple of massive arguments. USE FACEBOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK (PERIL)

  2. kat says:

    facebook like any other social networks has been used by some to bully other people. and i had been a victim myself. people should be responsible enough to use social networks and the people who run them should make it easier for victims to report false profiles and degrading posts. remember when we practice freedom of speech we should be responsible as well.

  3. Markus says:

    Facebook presents the opportunity for us to reach a wide group of people who are already connected to us as friends. Every entrepreneur has a built-in potential client base in their Facebook friends. We shouldn’t treat our friends as business contacts, but we can test our Facebook marketing skills on them and ask them for their feedback.


  4. Klix says:

    Facebook is a great marketing tool and most internet savvy businesses are quick to cash on the free marketing opportunity. However, most business users sometimes seem to be neglecting the fact that business fan page is not a personal facebook page and they don’t recognise that it is totally a different game. In other words, everyone is on board facebook but it works for only those business users who knows the marketing basics.

  5. Karl says:

    Good points. Another thing that’s more annoying is asking your friends and family to ‘like’ your busienss page and adding fake comments to increase popularity. Viewers are not so dumb. I think business should stop doing it now…

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