Why Instant Slide Ups Replace My Pop Ups

A few weeks ago, I installed InstantSlideUp to replace my pop up windows to catch email addresses.

I was looking for a service like that, because I got several emails about my annoying pop ups, when Instant Slide Ups offered me a review copy (disclosure!).
I took the opportunity with both hands.

Instant Slide Up is a NON-obtrusive, yet eye-catching way to get people subscribed to whatever you are promoting.

I use it to build a profitable email list.

There are many tested and proven ways to create a huge email list and one of them is using pop ups.

But when you use pop ups, hoover ads or lightboxes, your visitor is interrupted with whatever she is reading at your site, in order to get her email address.

That’s very annoying!

But it’s even worse: actually, you’re stopping her from discovering value in your content. She’s in the middle of a decision making process -one of the most difficult tasks for humans- and you’re interrupting her.

That’s not just annoying, it’s killing! Yet we use pop ups, because they work!
That is, their conversion rates are higher than any other way of capturing email addresses.
Still, I get a lot of emails asking me to stop these killing pop ups.

Instant slide up
That’s where Instant Slide Up ads come in!
Here’s their main benefit:

Instant slide up ads do deliver the same results, however, your visitor is NOT interrupted as she still can read on. Yes, her attention is drawn to the movement of the instant slide up, but not in an obtrusive way.

If possible, avoid anything that annoys your readers. Pop-ups, pop-unders, lightboxes, hoovers and tons of animated subscription features will chase your readers away.
Mind you, they often work (depending on the niche you’re in), but they’re also a huge source of irritation. And that’s the last thing you want for your visitors, isn’t it?

The most positive benefit of Instant Slide Up is, that it draws attention in a positive way, which will more than likely increase sign ups.

The slide up ads are very easy to set up.
Just configure the details, embed some lines of javascript snippet into your HTML and you’ll see the nice slideup in your web page !

The ads come with numerous outstanding templates, so you can get started in minutes. And if you know a tiny bit about creating graphics, you can make your own template, like I’ve done below for this blog.

Instant Slide Up ads works seamlessly with your autoresponder system and you can either have your sign up form in the ad itself or have a link to your sign up page.
Heck, you can even split test that!

InstantSlideUp creator and owner Rob Chuah provides superior customer support. And not only that, his marketing skills are superior too as you will notice from his email tips and tricks that he sends after sign up.
Rob definitely knows what works and what doesn’t.

I am very satisfied using this email capture method, so I became an affiliate for the product and that’s why I use my affiliate link to send you there.

Sign up for Instant Slide Up ads right now -it’s very affordable-, or at least try the free version for a while.

Then, let me know what you’re thinking.
Post your comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Why Instant Slide Ups Replace My Pop Ups

  1. Keith says:

    Good idea and thanks for the link. I’ve seen these before and, although I find them highly annoying, I can see their benefits.

    Do you find that the slide up does work? I just think it would be nice if the slide up only came once.

    • Case Stevens says:

      YES Keith, Instant Slide Up definitely works.
      And it’s very, very flexible. These are the display settings after showing your Instant Slide Up ad:
      – Never show again
      – Show again when page is reloaded
      – Dont show again for the next 1 day
      – Dont show again for the next 1 week
      – Dont show again for the next 2 weeks
      – Dont show again for the next 1 month
      See how flexible this system is?

  2. Domains says:

    Sounds like a decent piece of software but it is it intrusive at all for the visitors? I would imagine if people don’t want to contribute their emails that if the software would catch them it would be intrusive. Either way, I am definitely interested in learning more. Thanks a lot for the review its given me a bit to think about if I will consider it

  3. I saw this sideup in several affiliate marketing site but never know the name. Now I get it. Will try the free version in my upcoming website.

  4. Allan Collins says:

    Wow. This is cool. You are right. The pop-ups are really annoying. This SlideUp at the bottom is much more friendly. Nice idea. I have been thinking of using Pop Ups to collect emails, but was afraid that customers would get irritated. Will use this SlideUp idea to my sites. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cheers for the compliment. Actually I don’t really know how to do build my own modules unfortunately. What I’ll do at some point in the near future is take the site to another town in the UK and when I do that I’ll build a module for it. I’m still kind of learning the ropes when it comes to Drupal.

  6. Owen says:


    I agree the slide-up is a lot less intrusive and irritating. The ones I hate these days are the hovers – you’re just getting into reading content and bang! I don’t know if people who use various obtrusive types of appearing forms realize that to those of us who have already signed up before, it’s a major turn-off.

    I thought I’d let you know that the bottom of your slide-up is cut off in my Firefox window, where it says “Stay up to date…..” I only see the top part of the letters. And the “Close this or” is right over the top of your text.

  7. Sam says:

    Has anyone tested a slide up vs a pop-up? Lately I’ve been obsessed about webpage optimization. Curious to know how the percentages match up?

  8. Roy says:

    I’ve gone through your site and have had to click off the slide up about 12 times. I find it annoying and obtrusive. At least with most pop-ups you click it off once and your’e done. I DON’T LIKE IT…’Nuff Said.

  9. This looks like a good piece of software. I plan to use this together with my pop up form to increase sign up rate.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I like the slide up way better than pop ups. You made the right choice. Pop ups have always been annoying.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like the Slideup Ad, Is there anyway to purchase it and remove the “Get your own Slideup ad? To the right?

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