Looking For Instant Affiliate Commissions?

Sometimes you need cash flow right away. INSTANT affiliate commissions. You don’t want to wait another month until that check arrives or the merchant is willing to do his mass pay on PayPal.

You want the money NOW!

So, where do you find affiliate programs that pay right away? And how do these merchants accomplish instant payment? After all, most affiliate programs pay periodically and you always have to wait for your money. Even worse, oftentimes, there’s a limit you have to reach first before you get paid.

Well, here’s a program that pays you right away. It’s called Rapid Action Profits (RAP).
That’s one of the two scripts that I know of that makes instant payment possible.

Instant Affiliate Commissions
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Instant affiliate commissions does not only mean cash money at the time of selling the merchants product that you could use to pay for these unexpected expenses.

Another advantage of instant commissions is that you can better finance Pay Per Click campaigns. After all, you can fund them with the instant commissions.
Super affiliates use a lot of PPC campaigns to promote your products and offsetting their expenses as quickly as possible will keep them very happy.

Merchants using RAP are able to pay you immediately, because they simply replace their PayPal email address by yours. If they pay you, let’s say, 50% commission, then every other sale will go directly into your PayPal account.
As a result of this system, most merchants using RAP require you to issue possible refunds through your own PayPal account for those sales for which you received the money directly (and not the merchant).

If you want to find affiliate programs that use RAP, just google this phrase: “powered by rapid action profits” (including quotes). Although I use this script myself, you probably won’t find me this way since only buyers can become my affiliates.

Of course, as always, you have to do your own due diligence. Does the program fit in your niche, is the product really good, is the commission high enough, and so on.

Personally I’ll go for the recurring affiliate programs, but since RAP has a membership add-on, you can find them too using the search phrase above.

RAP, in the view of many people, including me, is the better form of the older $7 script. But that one is still running too. And it also pays instant affiliate commissions. You can find programs using this script by googling the term “$7 puts the report within reach”, including the quotes.
That’s a piece of standard text used by this script that many user are too lazy to delete or replace.

Another great resource is a thread over at the Warrior forum that was started not so long ago about instant affiliate commissions.

Again, please be careful selecting your affiliate program. Putting that link in this post does not mean I approve of all the programs mentioned therein. Do your own due diligence!

Got more information on instant affiliate commissions?
Post them in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Looking For Instant Affiliate Commissions?

  1. Dim Vasen says:

    I did not get one thing from your post – do YOU use it?

    If yes – for how long?

    I need some sort of ‘behind the curtain’ experience. Because sometimes even the best looking thing can turn out to be not the best investment of time and efforts.

    I was using one very famous advertising network (do not want to call its name, just not to look biased or making this post just to complain about it) – and they got big problem with tracking leads that I generated. The good part is that they admitted a problem, but they are ‘solving’ it for 2 months already. And this is one of the big companies.

    So, your own experience about the program which you promote in the post would really help.

  2. SalSurra says:

    Very interesting post. I didn’t realize that their were affiliate companies out there that do pay out instantly. It makes sense to use the paypal re-direct to pay the affiliate quickly and I’m surprised the model didn’t gain more popularity sooner. Also, I’m curious to know, like the previous comment, as to your own success with using RAP.

  3. Josh says:

    This sounds great, I don’t know why more affiliate networks don’t do this. Hopefully this will catch on.

  4. I totally agree with you about doing due diligence. I have several stories about being shorted or not paid at all from companies that I would have avoided had I even bothered to do something as simple as Googling their name prior to giving them valuable real estate on my site.


  5. Swarovski says:

    Hey Great write up on Rapid Action Profits (RAP). I was confused a bit about them at first. But reading your article help cleared things up.

    What made me interested with RAP is their payment method via paypal (re-direct). It sure is a very convenient method for an affiliate like me. Others affiliate programs still needs to catch on.

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