Increase Site Traffic In 7 Days

I just finished watching some amazing videos to increase site traffic in only 7 days.
Since my post about one-way quality links -also meant to increase website traffic- has been received very well and many people are now on their way to get inbound links, let’s discuss more traffic increasing ways today.

First a note about these one-way inbound links.
The way I get them is almost automatic. Since I started testing this link network tool a couple of weeks ago, I have over 150 inbound links.

This system build links slowly, as it should be. It takes me 10 minutes each day, and that’s only because I want to see who’s linking to me and, more importantly, who I want to link to.

You can also set it on fully automatic, so you don’t have to lift a finger after setting your site up. And the set up is quite easy when you use the automatic spider function that recognizes all pages in your site and puts them in a file that you can upload to the system.

Check it out now so you can increase your website traffic too.

Photo credit: Pro-Zak

But how about your internal linking structure? Is it designed and optimized to fully profit from these incoming links, so you can increase your website traffic?

If not, or if you’re in doubt, you should watch the videos I just saw. They show you exactly how to structure your internal website links to fully profit from the link juice passed.

And it isn’t limited to just one website. There’s a whole strategy laid out for linking related sites, so you can dominate the search engines for your keywords.

I don’t think many people use these strategies.
After watching the videos, I immediately made some changes in a couple of sites I own and operate. Because I think it’s powerful and I want to test it.

I’m prepared to share the results with you, but the thing is, you can watch the videos for less than 5 dollars right now and I have absolutely no idea for how long. So if you’re interested in increasing your traffic in 7 days, check it out now.

And then there’s Michalis Kotzakolios, maybe better known as “BIG Mike”, the Greek (or drunken) Warrior.

Big Mike created a new site a couple of weeks ago called Header Software. You really should visit that one if you’re interested in header graphics, because, after signing up, you will receive a professional header, footer and background image each and every day. They are in png format, so the quality is high and you can modify them to suit your needs.

Anyway, the reason I mention this site (apart from the free headers) is, that Mike has written a simple guide to increase his site traffic. Search engine optimizing experts won’t find anything new in there I guess, but for everyone else it’s a good (and easy) read.

Rather than a bunch of seo tricks and tips, it’s merely a report on what Mike has done to increase traffic to his new site. That makes it valuable, because it seems to work what he’s done. Traffic to his site is growing every day.

Mike allowed me to give it away to you. So, download your copy of “Stupidly Easy Optimization“.

In this report, Mike mentions a few of his products (RSS Bot, Directory Bot and Social Bot). I use them myself. They will help to generate more traffic, only they are somewhat expensive. However, clicking the links to these products in this file makes them available to your for only $9.95!
Wholeheartedly recommended to further increase your site traffic.

That’s it for today.
Enough to increase your site traffic I guess.
Let me know your thoughts.
Post your comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Increase Site Traffic In 7 Days

  1. Web Development Company says:

    This is very nice.
    you have nicely described.
    Thanks for sharing this. It will helps to those who wants to increase his traffic as soon as early.
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Philis Youngis says:

    Thankyou for sharing your views on optimising websites. I would just like to add that anyone wishing to increase traffic to their website in a short space of time then pay per click account through google adwords or yahoo search marketing are an ideal alternative and will see quicker results then optimising.

  3. Catherine | Natures Sunshine Store says:

    This is great! I mean I am always looking for ways to increase and generate traffic. I hope you can update us with more info if its effective. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  4. Jonas Verliebt says:

    Thank you, man,
    Its always a pleasure to visit you.

    What i am wondering here is although you will increase your traffic, how much time will it last? and Is that long term strategy?

    I doubt???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Case Stevens says:

    Thank you Linda.
    Optimizing blogs is more difficult, because comments mess up all the seo things that you’ve applied.
    Dofollow is even more difficult, because you’re giving link juice away that you have so carefully built up. On the other hand, more people may link to you just because of that, as you do.
    It’s a fine balance act.

  6. Nate says:

    This site is a very timely discovery. I am currently attempting to optimize some sites for others, but has been tedious and non-productive. Hopefully some of these notes will make my work more time-productive.

    Nate Swanson

  7. Tripti says:

    Great idea! It’s really a toughest job to get traffic in short spam of time especially for a new website. Internal links, if optimized properly can pass value to your rankings. Thus, I will definitely try your suggestion.

  8. Lawyer Coach says:

    Internal linking is great way to get a bump for your website or blog.

    I have a pretty strong site and did a bit of internal linking in late November. I was surprised at the quick results.


    Tom Kane

  9. Case Stevens says:

    No, it’s not a review for NextGenLinks.
    And while we’re at it, why don’t you start a free membership? Here’s your chance!

  10. Monica says:

    Nice Post, well explaining about blog contents writing. Thanks for sharing and keep posting more new info. Internal linking is an effective way to increase traffic to your website.

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