How to improve SEO using site map

A site map is simply a web page or set of web pages, which list the total number of pages found over your site.

The visitors come to the site maps if they want to find some specific details in any too crowded site.

The goal of the site maps is to render an instant overview to visitors about website sections at one glance. It also helps the bots and crawlers to collect vital information without any hassle thus making your site more visible over different search engines.
However, using the site maps is generally ignored in the search engine ranking efforts. Considering the number of SEO benefits, it is recommended to use them.

The following are some of the ways of using site map to improve your SEO for your site.

Building site map online

Sitemaps play a significant role in search engine algorithms; hence it’s logical to include effective site maps into your website.
There are several site map building tools or software applications which can help you in making them without any hassle. Before you publish your site map, you are supposed to review it in order to get rid of the errors and thus complete it without any flaw. This can therefore give the desired results you expect from the site maps.

You are supposed to complete the free online site map generator. This includes entering your complete site URL along with some optional parameters in the online site map generator form.

Once you finish entering all the required details in this form, you need to press the button- ‘Start’ and wait till your website is fully crawled. You will be then redirected to generated sitemap details web page wherein you could find details like number of pages, XML file content, list of broken link and the link to a sitemap file. You simply have to download the sitemap file from that link and then keep it over your site’s domain root folder.
Lastly, you need to visit your Google Webmaster account and then add your sitemap URL.

Using site maps for big size websites

If you have a large size website using multiple, smaller site maps could be the best solution.
site map
Also, this approach is helpful if you have a multiple type of content over your website like picture galleries, videos, news updates, etc. By simply categorizing your website site content in different heads via various site maps, the search engines crawlers would be able to index your web pages or links in more effective and faster way.

Apart from using XML format based site maps in your root domain folder, you can even think of using HTML based site maps. This can render a good amount of comfort to a wide range of visitors coming to your website. With the increase of your site’s usability you can end up helping the visitors to find specific information in quicker ways.

Such site maps can also help you and your developer as well as it acts like a snapshot of your website. Managing and organizing your site with several changes or updates becomes easy by referring the site map.

The smart site maps are among the simplest methods to increase your search engine rankings. This is carried out simply by collecting all the details in one place, which the crawlers often look for. It also helps in creating internal links, which helps you in giving better context for correct indexing.

Sitemap also fixes the issues of broken links, poor site structure and hidden links. Lastly, it also informs the updates taking place in the site, which plays a key role in bringing back the crawlers on a regular basis. All these factors make your site more visible over different search engines.

Final word
Though the process involved in building site maps could be time taking, but the number of benefits you enjoy are many. For a 2500 pages based site, you may require several days to complete this task, even creating a small site map can require several hours of efforts. But considering the rich SEO benefits the time and efforts you put in building site maps is a worthy exercise.

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